She Got Sassy with Her Rude Client and Mischievously Charged Triple for Her ‘Artisanal Services’; Being a Smartass Paid Off!

About a week ago, Jen found herself in a hilarious and unexpected situation at her small IT company. Their client base had been expanding rapidly due to an influx of people relocating from California and the Northeast to their city. These new clients often held certain attitudes toward the locals, which made for some very interesting interactions. The story takes place at a swanky coffee shop/bakery, a relatively new client for Jen. Buckle up, folks.

He Was Skeptical About Her Capabilities and Accent

Upon arriving at the coffee shop, Jen met the owner. Instead of a warm welcome, he bombarded her with skepticism about her capabilities, presumably due to her accent.

Undeterred, Jen asked for details about the network troubles, hoping to swiftly resolve the issue. But the owner got all bent out of shape, questioning if there was a more competent tech available.

Biting her tongue, Jen reassured him that she could handle the job – just show her to the computer room.

After reaching the room, Jen discovered the root of the problem: an ethernet cable running wildly across the floor, hidden beneath a rug. True to the owner’s complaint, the computer had no service.

He Wondered Exactly What She Was Doing

The port checked out fine, but the cable itself was a goner. Jen traced the issue back to a spot where office chairs had rolled over it.

Determined to set things right, she made a quick trip to her trusty van, grabbing some cable and her termination kit. Back in action, she neatly routed the cable along the room’s perimeter, terminated it with precision, and certified it.

While securing the cable to the wall, the owner barged in, curious about her progress.

He demanded to know if she had fixed the problem yet and what exactly she was doing.

It Was Time to Unleash Her Smartass Side!

Calmly she explained that she had replaced the faulty ethernet cord with a brand-spanking new one, and his computer was up and running smoothly.

She added that she was merely securing the cable out of harm’s way. And then, it happened – the owner’s snarky comment.

Owner: “So you just installed some generic cable from Best Buy? Why are we paying you if all you did was something I could have done myself?”

That was it. Jen had reached her breaking point – time to unleash her smartass side.

“It’s an Artisanal, Handmade Cable”

Jen: “Hell no! I didn’t slap together some store-bought cable. I custom-made this masterpiece just for you. To put it in terms you’ll understand – it’s an artisanal, handmade cable tailored specifically to meet your networking needs.

Trust me; it works wonders compared to any factory-produced junk you can find. And hey, if you ever face any issues, give us a call, and I’ll make sure a ‘more competent’ tech comes to your rescue.”

Stunned and defeated, the owner sputtered out of the office, leaving Jen to wrap up and move on to her next ticket. Little did she know, her sassy retort would set off a chain reaction of events.

The following day, Jen’s boss summoned her to his office. He wanted the lowdown on what went down during her visit with the client.

She Admitted She’d Gotten Sassy!

He was dying to know what the heck she had said to the client who had called earlier. Jen ‘fessed up, admitting she had gotten a little sassy with the guy. After all, he was acting all high and mighty from the get-go.

Not satisfied with her vague response, the boss prodded for more details. He wanted the juicy bits, the exact words Jen had thrown at the client.

Finally understanding, Jen recalled the whole spiel. The client had dissed it as some store-bought trash, and she proudly fired back that she had personally crafted it herself.

The boss wanted to know if she had dropped the bombshell and called it an “artisanal” cable. Jen’s eyes widened as she admitted to it!

Her Boss’ Face Lit up with Mischief

That’s when he burst into laughter and his face lit up with mischief. Turns out, the client had called back, all hyped up about how his computer was running like a dream after Jen’s visit.

Now he’s begging to have all his network cables swapped with those snazzy “artisanal” ones. The boss even promised to get back to him.

Jen couldn’t help but chuckle along. She jokingly recommended charging triple the installation fee, emphasizing that these cables were unique, handcrafted treasures.

They could even claim the parts were locally sourced, considering the recent opening of an Amazon warehouse nearby.

They Tripled the Rate for the ‘Artisanal’ Services

Later that evening, the boss approached her desk, an excited expression on his face. He revealed that the client had agreed to the triple rate without hesitation! 

What’s more, his friends had started calling, requesting the same “artisanal networking” services. The company was now fully booked for the next four months. It was time to add this newfound option to their website!

That’s how Jen found herself working jobs for a horde of country transplants, convinced they were receiving a top-notch, special service. Little did they know, it was the same old quality work wrapped in an artisanal package!

Being a Smartass Clearly Paid Off!

So it turns out that being a smartass to a client can sometimes pay off in unexpected ways!

Jen’s tale serves as a reminder that even in the world of IT, a touch of sass and a dash of creativity can turn the tables, bringing in a wave of clients eager for that elusive “artisanal” touch.

Have you ever snapped at someone, and it’s ended up working out unexpectedly? What happened?

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