She Had an Emergency C-Section Which Resulted in Life Threatening Sepsis and the Amputation of Her Hands and Feet

A Texas woman survives septic shock and amputations following childbirth, demonstrating remarkable resilience and reuniting with her young children after a long and challenging journey.

She Almost Lost Her Life to Septic Shock

In a remarkable tale of resilience and strength, Krystina Pacheco, a 29-year-old woman from Pleasanton, Texas, has captured hearts worldwide with her inspiring journey of survival and reunion with her young children.

After nearly losing her life due to septic shock following the birth of her daughter, Krystina has overcome unimaginable challenges and is now on the path to recovery.

Krystina gave birth to her daughter, Amelia, on October 24, 2022, through an uneventful C-section delivery. However, just two days later, as she was preparing to leave the hospital, Krystina began feeling feverish. 

Initially attributing it to her recovery process, she took ibuprofen as recommended by a nurse. But when her condition worsened at home, she sought medical help and was quickly sent to a local emergency room.

She Was Airlifted to Hospital

The severity of Krystina’s situation became apparent when she was airlifted to a hospital in San Antonio, where doctors discovered her body was in septic shock.

Septic shock is the most critical stage of sepsis, an extreme bodily response to infection. 

The National Institutes of Health warns that without prompt treatment, it can lead to organ failure, tissue damage, and even death.

Krystina’s husband, Jacob Pacheco, vividly remembers the intense moments when her life hung in the balance.

She Had a Newborn and 20 Percent Chance of Survival

With her health rapidly deteriorating, doctors initiated multiple life-saving measures, including putting her on dialysis and an ECMO machine. 

The ECMO machine, which removes carbon dioxide from the blood and provides oxygenated blood to the body, allowed Krystina’s heart and lungs to rest and heal.

Despite the medical team’s efforts, the situation remained dire. Jacob recalls the anxiety and fear they faced as doctors gave Krystina a mere 20 percent chance of survival.

Throughout this challenging period, Jacob relied on the support of family and friends, who helped care for their newborn daughter and 2-year-old son, Owen.

She Fought for Her Life in Intensive Care

For two weeks, Krystina fought for her life in the intensive care unit, receiving dialysis and support from the ECMO machine.

Slowly, her condition began to improve, and she regained consciousness, wondering what had transpired during her critical state. 

Krystina’s relief was soon met with devastating news. Due to the poor blood flow to her limbs caused by the ECMO machine, both her hands and feet had suffered severe damage, necessitating amputation.

In late January, Krystina underwent surgeries to amputate both her arms below the elbows, followed by the amputation of both legs below the knees.

But Had Her Hands and Feet Amputated

She also underwent several skin graft procedures to address the damage surrounding the amputations. 

The physical and emotional toll was immense, as Krystina and her family grappled with the life-altering consequences of these surgeries.

Despite the immense challenges, Krystina remained determined to overcome them.

Her unwavering motivation came from her deep love for her children. Each day, as she woke up and prepared for surgeries or rehabilitation, she held onto the thought of being with her babies again. 

Over 100 Days Later She Saw Her Kids

Krystina’s unwavering strength propelled her forward, and in February, after over 100 days in the hospital, she was finally able to return home.

While Krystina’s homecoming was filled with tears of joy, her journey to recovery is far from over.

She continues to work on regaining her strength through at-home workouts and will soon begin outpatient rehabilitation to enhance her independence in daily tasks.

Krystina’s story has touched countless hearts and serves as a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and the unwavering support of loved ones. 

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