She Helped Her Bride-To-Be-Friend Snag Some Great Accommodation Rates, but Ungratefully She Decided To Upgrade the Wedding Instead of Invite Her!

A young woman recently took to Reddit to ask for opinions after she canceled her friend’s wedding reservations because she wasn’t invited to the ceremony. This is her full story.

She Helped a Bride-To-Be Snag Great Accommodation Rates

OP is a general manager at an upscale hotel property. Her job gives her access to deals on accommodations that other people wouldn’t normally be able to get.

One of OP’s friends from a former job recently approached her for some help. The other young lady was getting married, and she wondered if OP could help her get a good deal on a block of rooms for the bridal party.

The two women had once been pretty close friends, but they mostly just texted occasionally after OP left for her new gig. Still, she was happy to try and help out.

After talking to her bosses, OP was able to reserve 10 rooms at a steeply discounted price for the night that the bride-to-be needed.

B-T-B Said She Was a Lifesaver!

OP’s friend was happy with the deal and thanked OP for helping her out. It was going to be a life-saver given her tight budget and tight timeline.

It seems OP’s friend was rushing the wedding because her fiancé is in the military and had just been notified he was being deployed overseas. The only way OP’s friend could travel with him was if they were married.

Happy to help out, OP was also excited that her friend was getting married. They were talking about the ceremony one day when OP asked what the wedding theme would be so she’d know what to wear.

That’s when OP’s friend dropped the bomb. OP was not invited to the wedding.

Yet She Wasn’t Invited to the Wedding

OP was surprised and hurt, and she reminded her friend about the steep discount she had arranged. But the bride-to-be said she couldn’t afford to add even one more person to the invitation list.

But OP thought that was silly since the wedding was being held in a large venue, and she knew there were already more than 100 people on the list. One more wouldn’t break the bank.

OP’s friend stuck to her guns, though, and said she had maxed out her budget. It was impossible to add even one more guest.

At that point, OP told her friend that she would have to find other accommodations for her and her bridesmaids.

B-T-B Claimed She Couldn’t Afford an Extra Guest

The friend was devastated and panicked, but OP reminded her that the deep discount was only possible because of their friendship.

OP went ahead with her plans to cancel the room reservations, leaving her friend to make other arrangements for her and her wedding party.

That sparked even more backlash, with OP’s friend’s bridesmaids calling her up to chew her out.

After the blowup, another friend from OP’s former workplace called her. That friend relayed that the bride-to-be had been bragging about how much money she was saving thanks to the deal OP was able to swing.

She’d Used the Savings To Make Her Wedding More Lavish

Those savings went into making the wedding itself more lavish, which made the budgetary excuse for not inviting OP seem even sillier.

Most Redditors side with OP on this one, saying that her friend had a lot of nerve asking for perks in the first place. And then to not even invite her to the wedding was a slap in the face.

Some commenters think OP’s reaction was a bit harsh but still think she was justified for canceling the rooms. The bride-to-be was not entitled to the discount.

A few readers think that both women are being petty and that they should have been able to talk through the issue.

So, what do you think of this story? Should OP have let her friend have the hotel rooms at a discount, even though she wasn’t invited to the wedding?

Or was she justified in pulling the deal off the table?

And do you think it was OK for the friend to ask for such a huge favor in the first place, given the ongoing nature of the women’s relationship?

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