She Hid Her Fancy Job From Him and Let Him Pay For Everything

A woman recently asked for opinions on Reddit after she let a guy pay for her drinks all night long when he assumed he made more than she does. This is her full story.

It Was Almost a Blind Date

OP is a single software engineer who is friends with another woman and that woman’s boyfriend.

The friend invited OP out one night to a game bar for drinks and some play time with her, her boyfriend, and another young man. It felt like something of a blind-date setup, but OP was OK with it.

At the bar, the four of them paired up, with OP and the guy friend staying at the table while her friend and the boyfriend went for drinks. Then they’d switch roles when OP wanted to get drinks.

That meant OP had a lot of time to talk to the other guy, and he was happy to tell her all about himself. Especially when it came to his career.

His Money Was Flowing Like Water

It seems the young man had recently decided to change jobs, and he went all in by attending a coding boot camp. He was able to parlay that into a new job as a software developer, and he was really proud of his accomplishment

He never asked OP about her job, and she never offered up any information on that front. And, whenever it was time for the two of them to get another round of drinks, her new friend always insisted on paying.

It was no problem with his new job, he told her. The money was flowing like water, or at least that’s the way he made it seem.

Then, at the end of the night, the new guy asked OP if they could connect on Facebook. She was fine with that since they’d had an OK time, so he took out his phone to send her a friend request.

He Didn’t Ask Her About Her Work

Like many people, OP has her professional title listed on her FB profile page. So, naturally her “blind date” did a double take when he saw that she was a software engineer.

He asked her if that was true, and OP told him that it was. He was angry and asked her why she didn’t tell him earlier.

OP pointed out that he hadn’t asked anything about her work, so she didn’t volunteer the information. He told her he just assumed that she was a cashier, the same job her friend had once held.

He was upset that OP let him pay for everything that night when she probably made more money than he did. She told him that all he had wanted to do was brag about his job but that she’d be happy to pay him back.

So She Toyed With His Wallet

The young man was offended and told OP that she had made him look like a fool all night. She told him he had handled that job just fine on his own.

Now OP’s friend and her boyfriend are angry, too, saying that she could have told the other guy about her profession. They think she just did it to toy with him and that it was her way of making fun of him.

OP admits she enjoyed watching the guy strut around acting sort of silly, but she doesn’t think she did anything wrong.

Most Reddit commenters think that OP was perfectly justified for letting her bragging date hang himself. A lot of them say he had it coming.

They Probably Shared Lots of Interests

Some Redditors, though, say that even though she technically didn’t have an obligation to tell the guy what she does for a living, it would have been better if she did.

After all, they probably shared a lot of interests given that they both work developing software.

So, what do you think of this story? Was OP justified for not telling her date about her profession?

Or should she have let him off the hook early on so that they could have been on more even footing during the date?

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