She Imagines Her Own $235,000 Lawsuit over a School Bus Stop. Suburban Insanity at Its Best!

There’s a level of insanity that appears possible only in the most far-fetched of imaginations. Recently, OP found themselves entangled in such an extraordinary situation when they received civil court papers from their neighbor. The charge? A staggering $235,000 for failing to personally escort OP’s child home from the school bus stop.

Alleged Suburban Serenity

Prior to this, OP’s life was the epitome of suburban serenity. Their house is tucked away at a cul-de-sac, with the school bus stop conveniently situated just across the road.

Every day, the neighborhood children alight, and the bus performs a meticulously planned three-point turn at a nearby T intersection.

This routine takes place approximately 40 feet from OP’s driveway, after which the bus clears off, leaving no obstruction for their son’s pedestrian route.

Significantly, OP’s residence is outfitted with security cameras that meticulously record this daily ritual. The video evidence consistently shows that OP’s son doesn’t even approach the road until after the bus has left.

Over the Top Safety Precautions?

The crossing point, at the cul-de-sac, is over 125 feet away from the spot where the bus completes its turn.

Despite these evident safety precautions, OP’s neighbor persists in the belief that OP’s son is in danger every day.

Her proposed solution, as detailed in her affidavit, has been to abandon her own career to shield him from the bus that she deems as a potential threat.

She has assessed her five years of “lost wages” due to this self-imposed responsibility at a staggering $159,925.

Emotional Distress

Adding to this, she is also seeking an additional $75,000 for the emotional distress that this situation allegedly causes her and her children.

This supposed daily trauma stems from the fear of OP’s son potentially being hit by the bus, a fear which curiously only she shares. Neither the school nor the bus driver has ever raised any safety concerns.

This woman has gained a reputation in their neighborhood for her odd notions about safety. She forbids her children from walking on grass due to fears of possible chemical exposure.

She once shouted over OP’s fence, asserting that a small fire they had lit in their backyard threatened to engulf the whole neighborhood.

Danger Was Everywhere!

Even OP’s harmless trampoline was tagged as a looming danger, destined to cause injury eventually. Additionally, her profound distrust of machinery is evidenced by her shoveling her entire driveway manually each winter.

Caught in this maelstrom of irrationality, OP finds themselves contemplating their next course of action.

Should they seek legal advice, initiate a dialogue with her, or maybe accompany her in her daily vigil at the bus stop?

As the dust from this astonishing lawsuit begins to settle, the future, laced with a hefty dose of puzzlement and curiosity, looms uncertain for OP.

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