She Is Struggling to Salvage Her Marriage After Her Husband Lost His Job and His Behavior Became Extremely Challenging

A 38-year-old woman struggles with her marriage to her husband of three years, who was fired from his job of ten years a month after the birth of their first child, and has since become grouchy, irritable, and mean. 

Struggling to Navigate Her Marriage

The situation that the woman finds herself in is difficult. She is struggling to navigate her marriage after her husband’s job loss, which has drastically changed his behavior towards her. 

Prior to his job loss, her husband was a thoughtful and caring partner with some anxiety. However, since his termination, he has become irritable, mean, and often takes out his frustrations on her.

This has put a significant strain on their marriage.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, the couple welcomed their first child just a month before the husband was fired. 

Stress and Tension in Their Relationship

This major life event, coupled with the job loss, likely added to the stress and tension in their relationship. 

The woman has been trying to be supportive and understand her husband’s situation, but simultaneously, she has established boundaries and made it clear that she does not appreciate being belittled or yelled at.

Despite her efforts, the husband’s behavior has not improved, and he has continued to lash out at her over seemingly small things. 

For example, when the delivery guys accidentally broke a leg on the dresser that the woman had ordered for her husband, he was angry that she did not handle the situation more aggressively. 

Bad for His Mental Health

He also complained about having to meet with a handyman to pick up and assemble their child’s crib, stating that “meeting contractors is bad for his mental health.”

As a result, the woman has had to take time off work to handle these tasks herself.

To make matters worse, the woman had to return to full-time work just six weeks after giving birth, with the husband contributing only a few hours of childcare on the weekends. 

This has left her feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, especially since she is trying to be a good mother, employee, and wife while also dealing with her husband’s mood swings.

He’s Been Going for Therapy

Although the husband has been going to therapy, the woman is unsure if it is helping or if she is just impatient for results. She has suggested couples therapy, but he is not interested. 

She has also suggested that finding a new job that he enjoys might improve his mood, but he did not appreciate that advice.

It seems the husband is stuck in a rut and is taking his frustrations out on his wife, which is not a healthy or sustainable dynamic for their relationship.

In a recent argument, the woman finally confronted her husband about his behavior, telling him that he is being grumpy, rude, and unreasonable. 

Not What She Signed Up For

She reminded him that his behavior is not what she signed up for when they got married, and that he needs to either make himself happy or find a way to be kind while he is unhappy. 

The situation is complicated, and there are no easy solutions. However, it is clear that the woman is feeling overwhelmed and unsupported in her marriage. She reached out to Redditors for advice. 

I’d Give Him an Ultimatum

One user suggested, “I’d give him an ultimatum, I don’t like them, but this situation is untenable. He needs to get a new job or start pulling his weight around the house.”

Another put, “Why? It’s a marriage, correct? You’re both in the same house, correct? Who died and made him king of dolling out duties? And spare me with the mental health theatrics.”

What do you think? Should she give him an ultimatum? Does it take more than 9 months to recover from a job loss? What would you do?

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