“She Knew the Playbook” – Woman Calls Officer “White Trash” After Stealing and Ransacking a Walmart Store

In a shocking incident captured on video, a woman riding a motorized scooter in a Walmart store had a meltdown that escalated into a physical confrontation with a police officer. Here’s the full story.

She Admits to Theft

The argument began when the woman was accused of shoplifting from the store, leading to a chaotic scene. The video, which went viral, shows the woman engaged in a heated argument with a police officer near the store’s checkouts.

Although it’s unclear what exactly the officer said to her, she repeatedly shouts, “Yes, I did. Yes, I did,” in response to accusations of theft.

Her anger escalates as she shouts, “Drag me… out,” before the camera angle shifts to focus on a nearby register. In a fit of rage, the woman starts throwing items from the checkout belt, including a bottle at the officer and a bag of chips at the cashier beside her.

Then Ransacks the Place

She then proceeds to ransack the snack shelf, all while still sitting on her motorized scooter. In an attempt to prevent further destruction, the officer grabbed her by the shoulders, but she retaliated by shoving him in the face and forcefully removing his glasses.

A brief struggle follows, with the woman pushing a shelf, and knocking down candy and magazines, before the officer manages to tackle her.

As the commotion unfolded, Walmart employees and customers gathered around, with employees trying to maintain a safe distance.

The officer wrestled to control the woman, who hurled profanities and called the officer “white trash.” Another officer, who appears to be off-duty, joined the scene, helping in cleaning up the area around the struggling cop.

“Walmart is Racist”

The woman continued to resist, repeatedly shouting, “Take me to JAIL,” as the officer struggled to subdue her. Eventually, he begins handcuffing her while she loudly chants, “Walmart is racist.”

Once the handcuffs were secured, he flipped her onto her front side, but her protests continued and she continued screaming.

Despite the dramatic events that unfolded, it remains unclear what prompted the accusations of theft or what occurred after the altercation.

Rising Theft Rates in Walmart

Walmart, which introduced self-checkout options nationwide in 2020, has faced increased challenges related to theft, according to the company’s CEO and President, Doug McMillon.

He stated in 2022 that theft rates had risen, and there would be consequences if the issue was not addressed.

“Always Play the Race Card”

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “She knew the playbook. Always play the race card.”

Another user added, “The more I hear people cry “racism” as a defense when they run afoul of the law, the less seriously I take claims of racism.”

A third user commented, “I’m watching this thinking she deserves an Oscar! How can it be okay to act like this in public? What’s going on these days?”

A fourth user wrote, “The officer is just doing his job apprehending her for shoplifting, and she calls him racist? What is happening to our society?”

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