She Literally Grins From Ear-To-Ear. Samantha Ramsdell Officially Has the Widest Mouth on the Planet According to Guinness World Records

Podcaster Samantha Ramsdell sets a second Guinness World Record for widest mouth, measuring 4.07 inches, and she can fit two McDonald’s cheeseburgers in her mouth simultaneously!

She’s Got the Widest Mouth on the Planet

Samantha Ramsdell, a 33-year-old podcaster, has taken the Guinness World Records by storm once again, securing her second title for having the widest mouth. 

Her mouth measures an astonishing 4.07 inches wide or 10.33 cm, as officially verified by Guinness World Records.

This jaw-dropping feat comes after Samantha previously broke the record for the largest mouth gape (female) with an impressive measurement of 2.56 inches or 6.52 cm.

The average size of a woman’s mouth is approximately 1.74 inches wide or 4.43 cm, making Samantha’s mouth more than twice the normal range. 

And Guinness World Records Prove It

With an impressive following of 3.7 million on TikTok, Samantha proudly displayed her certificates on the social media platform, showcasing her remarkable achievements to the world.

The first certificate highlighted her earlier triumph: “The largest mouth gape (female) is 6.52cm (2.56 in) and was achieved by Samantha Ramsdell (USA) in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA on 15 July 2021.” 

Evidently, Samantha didn’t rest on her laurels and continued to push the boundaries.

Nearly a year after her initial victory, she managed to secure the second record with her awe-inspiring mouth width of 10.33 centimeters, as verified in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA on 29 November 2022.

She Used To Hide Her Mouth, but Now She’s Proud

Despite her exceptional talents, Samantha revealed that she once struggled with her big mouth, often trying to conceal it. 

She admitted, “I hated having a big mouth. It was something that I always tried to cover up. I never wore lipstick. I always wore makeup over my lips.” 

As time went on, Samantha embraced her uniqueness and overcame her insecurities. Now, she proudly flaunts bright lipstick, reclaiming her power and confidently celebrating her remarkable gift.

Inspiring others with her story, Samantha hopes to encourage those who feel different or have faced ridicule for their uniqueness. 

She’s Perfect in Her Own Unique Way

She stated, “I am so grateful, and I also hope that it inspires others who feel different, who feel they’re not like everyone else, and they’re unique and they’ve been made fun of for things about them that are different.” 

She wants to remind everyone that embracing their most authentic selves can lead to magic and a sense of empowerment.

Samantha’s exceptional mouth size has led to some extraordinary feats. Astonishingly, she can fit two McDonald’s cheeseburgers in her mouth simultaneously, and she can devour a whole long sandwich in one go. 

And Amazes People Around the World

Her extraordinary abilities continue to captivate and amaze audiences worldwide.

Her talent has truly left the world in awe, redefining the phrase “breaking records” with her unparalleled achievements.

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