She Loved Her Feline Friend, so Much So, She Freeze-Dried Her So They Would Be Together Forever

This woman from Oregon took to TikTok to share her terrifying dead cat that she had freeze dried. She then explains the unbelievable process revealing how and why she made the decision, this one’s not for the faint-hearted!

She Loved Her Furry Friend

A TikToker’s unique decision to freeze-dry her deceased cat has captured the attention of millions, leaving viewers both amazed and intrigued.

In a quiet corner of Oregon, a heart-wrenching tale unfolded. Soren High, a 35-year-old cat lover, found herself facing immense sadness when her beloved companion, Loki, passed away unexpectedly. 

The 16-year-old feline had been a cherished member of Soren’s family, bringing joy and companionship for many years.

Overwhelmed by grief, Soren searched for a way to honor Loki’s memory and keep her furry friend close forever. 

But Sadly Loki Passed Away After 16 Years Companionship

It was then that she stumbled upon a method known as freeze-drying. 

The freeze-drying process was not an easy task, Soren admits that Loki, “Still has all of her bones inside.”

Soren packed Loki’s body with ice and flowers, ensuring that the delicate process would be successful. 

“They make an incision, they pull out all of her organs, then they have those organs cremated.” She tearfully explained.

She Showed a Tearful Video of Her Freeze-Dried Cat Frozen in Time

After that, Soren makes a stunning revelation, admitting that she had the option of freeze drying the heart, “Unless you wanna freeze dry the heart, then they freeze dry the heart alongside the cat.”

As Soren shows off Loki’s preserved body in a tearful video, the world watched in awe. 

The cat appeared peaceful, as if frozen in time.

TikTok seemed to be more warmed by the content than scared, and flooded Soren’s videos with messages of support and empathy. 

“This Is a Super Cute Question, and No She’s Not Crispy”

One user even said, “I couldn’t do this- I’d pet them every day till the fur was gone.”

Lots of users asked questions like this one, “This is a serious question. Is she crispy? Like.. if you bumped into a wall, would her little foot chip off?” To which Soren replied, “Honestly, this is a super cute question, and no she’s not crispy.”

Would you try this with your beloved pet? Maybe you have a question you’d like to ask Soren. Let us know in the comments.

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