She MAKES Her Stepson Share Snacks With His Little Sister That He Bought With His Own Money

A 17-year-old buys snacks with money he earns and then his stepmom makes him share the snacks with his little sister.  Want to know how he reacted?  Read on.

A Blended Family

OP’s, 32, husband Andrew, 40, has a son, Ben, 17, from a previous relationship.  OP and Andrew have an 8-year-old daughter, Bella, together and a 7-month-old baby, George.

Ben got a part-time job working at Starbucks.  He uses his money to buy gaming equipment, games, and clothes.  Sometimes Ben buys snacks to eat while he is playing. The snacks are normal things like Doritos or chips.

Ben had just bought a bunch of snacks and when he came home Bella asked him what he had bought. When Ben did not answer she went looking through his bags.

Bella found some candy and asked Ben if she could have some. Ben said no and told her not to touch it.

Ben Bought Candy With His Own Money

Bella insisted on having some and when Ben said no again they started to argue. Then Bella started to cry.

When that did not work, Bella went crying to OP and woke up the baby who is teething. Bella told OP what happened and OP told Ben to share some candy with Bella to help OP out.

Ben argued that he bought it with his own money and should not have to share it. OP said that they buy most of their groceries with their own money and that they could use the same logic.

Ben continued arguing until OP threatened to ground him. Ben gave in and was upset later.

He Should Decide What to Do With His Money

When Andrew got home OP told him what had happened. After dinner, Andrew told OP off for treating Ben like a little kid. Andrew said that Ben is being responsible with a job and earning his own money.  

He said that Ben should get to decide if he wants to share his snacks or not. Then Andrew went on to tell OP that she should not take her frustrations about the baby not sleeping well out on his son.

The Reddit Community mostly thinks that OP is being an evil stepmother and was very wrong to make Ben share his candy with Bella.

WhizzoButterBoy tells OP not to be the evil stepmother.

Go to Sleep in the Cupboard Under the Stairs!

Fionaelaine4 thinks that Bella is not made to share with Ben.

ASBF2015 sarcastically says Don’t say no to my child. You’re grounded! Give her all of your snacks and go to sleep in the cupboard under the stairs!

Ecstatic)Long)3558 calls OP out for blaming Ben for Bella waking the baby with her tantrum.

Apart_Foundation1702 congratulated Andrew for standing up for Ben and calling OP out on her crap. He says too many times that does not happen and OP deserved to be called out.

Stop Coddling Your Own Child

NewAppointment2 thinks OP needs to stop coddling Bella and needs to stop letting her manipulate people.  He wants OP to teach Bella that no means no.

WrongdoerDue4724 says that OP missed a good teaching moment for Bella. Instead, OP taught her that it is ok to bully and harass Ben.

Neat_Apartment_6019 says that OP still has a chance to teach Ben an important lesson. If OP admits she was wrong she would be teaching Ben that it is ok to admit you made a mistake and apologize.

Dashcamkitty thinks that OP is an evil stepmother who is teaching her daughter that it pays to behave like a spoilt brat.

Was She Wrong? What Would You Do?

Apprehensive_Bit4352 says that even her 3-year-old usually understands that if it is not his then someone does not have to share it.

Alarmed_Jellyfish555 has the feeling the OP is bitter that they are still financially responsible for her stepson and that he gets to spend his money however he pleases.

Tsh87 thinks that OP had a wailing 8-year-old grating against her ear and she took the path of least resistance to get the crying to stop.

Was OP wrong for making Ben give Bella the candy? Was Andrew right in standing up for Ben? What would you have done if you were OP?

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