She Married a Victorian Soldier and Is Now Seeking a Divorce on the Grounds of Paranormal Activity. Does This Take Ghosting to a Whole New Level?

Rocker Brocarde, who married a ghost named Edwardo, is now seeking counseling and considering exorcism due to the torment she has experienced since their Halloween wedding.

She Married a Victorian Soldier [Ghost]

Rocker Brocarde’s unconventional love story took a supernatural turn when she tied the knot with a ghost named Edwardo on Halloween night in 2022. 

What seemed like a whimsical and extraordinary union has now become a haunting experience for the 38-year-old singer, leading her to seek marital counseling through a communicator and contemplate the possibility of exorcizing her ghostly spouse.

The love affair between Brocarde and Edwardo progressed rapidly, with the singer claiming that just five months after their first encounter, she decided to marry her fictional husband. 

She believed him to be the spirit of a Victorian soldier, and the unique connection they shared seemed surreal and enchanting at the time.

She Sought Marital Guidance With a Medium

As time went on, the euphoria of their ghostly romance waned, and Brocarde began experiencing a series of distressing events. 

She started facing “deep dark thoughts,” which she attributed to Edwardo’s presence. In a desperate attempt to salvage their relationship, Brocarde sought out a medium for marital counseling earlier this year. 

Unfortunately, her spirit spouse didn’t take the counseling seriously, and instead, his actions intensified, turning her life into a “living hell” from the other side.

Feeling overwhelmed by the torment caused by her ghostly husband, Brocarde is now at a crossroads. 

And Doubts the Viability of Her Marriage

On one hand, she acknowledges that being married to a ghost has its challenges and doubts the viability of such a relationship. On the other hand, she is determined not to give up without a fight, unwilling to admit defeat easily.

The situation has escalated to the point where Brocarde is contemplating seeking the help of an exorcist to rid herself of Edwardo’s lingering presence. 

The once enchanting union has turned into a haunting experience, with Brocarde revealing that her spirit spouse has taken to “haunting” her with disturbing sounds, including “crying baby screams.”

The singer-songwriter confesses that prior to meeting Edwardo, she was skeptical about the paranormal, but the appearance of her ghostly partner in her bedroom last year shattered her disbelief. 

She’s Living Through Absolute Hell

Despite the unusual nature of their love story, she embraced the connection they shared and even arranged a unique wedding in an abandoned church on Halloween night, followed by a honeymoon at Barry Island.

Now, with her life feeling like “absolute hell,” Brocarde finds herself facing an unprecedented dilemma. 

She still wishes to find a way to make her marriage with Edwardo work, but the anguish caused by the relentless torment is pushing her towards seeking professional help in the form of an exorcism.

Is a Paranormal Divorce on the Horizon?

As the singer-songwriter grapples with the complexities of her ghostly marriage, the world watches with intrigue, witnessing a love story that defies the boundaries of the physical realm. 

Only time will tell whether the bond between Brocarde and Edwardo can transcend the paranormal turbulence and find a resolution that brings peace to both the living and the departed.

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