She Put Everyone’s Leftover Pizza in the Fridge and her Work Colleagues Thought She Was Crazy

Trying to do something nice for your colleagues, to make their lives easier, is sometimes not worth it. In some cases, it might backfire and you will have wasted your time. In other cases, they might not notice your kind efforts and not thank you for what you did. 

She Got Laughed at and Mocked

In this instance, a co-worker got laughed at and mocked for trying to do something thoughtful. She isn’t upset but instead, she is surprised at how strange her colleagues found her gesture.

TikToker Aubrey @aubreyhopeanderson shares her crazy workplace scenario in this video when she decides to do something kind for her collages and put the leftover pizza in the fridge. Yet, it backfires and she is offended.

Aubrey has only been at her workplace for three and a half months and has never had any strange experiences with her colleagues until this moment. 

Her manager bought everyone pizza, which Aubrey thought was “super super nice”. All of the colleagues sat and ate as much of the pizza as they could at lunchtime.

She Put the Leftover Pizza in the Fridge

When an hour and a half had passed and the pizza was still sitting out getting warm, Aubrey decided to consolidate all of the leftover pizza to put it in the fridge.

Aubrey assumed this would be a good thing to do to keep it fresh, seeing as everyone was finished. 

After consolidating all of the slices into one box and throwing the other two boxes away, Aubrey continued to pursue her smart idea of putting the leftover food in the fridge. 

Two hours after Aubrey put the pizza in the fridge, she heard someone walk out of the break room and say “Seriously?! Who puts the pizza in the fridge?”.

Was It a Crazy Idea?

To her colleague’s surprise, everyone was trying to figure out (out loud to one another) who put the pizza in the fridge. 

Due to everyone making a big fuss and making it seem like putting leftover pizza in the fridge was a crazy idea,

Aubrey didn’t own up to the fact that she did it. She felt slightly embarrassed and didn’t want to tell the team that she made this “crazy” mistake.

To Aubrey, putting pizza in the fridge to conserve it is normal. Yet, her colleagues do not seem to think the same. 

She Wondered Why They Had So Much Attitude

Considering the co-workers knew it was one of the team members that put the pizza in the fridge, Aubrey questions why they would kick up such a fuss and have an attitude.

It is obvious someone would feel ashamed or embarrassed after they made such a big deal out of it and thought that whoever puts the pizza in the fridge is strange. 

However, to Aubrey, not putting leftover pizza in the fridge is strange. This opposing preference seems to irk both the colleagues and Aubrey, leaving her feeling a bit embarrassed for something she had always done. 

She questions why she even bothered making a nice gesture if they are going to make someone feel bad. 

Surely It Was a Normal Gesture!

Aubrey questions whether the co-worker that made the remark wanted a fight or to make the person look stupid, which is bizarre considering it was a kind and normal gesture to make. 

Now, Aubrey questions whether she is the weird one or her co-workers are strange for not putting leftover pizza in the fridge.

She wonders why the co-worker would even bother questioning such a normal food-conserving practice. 

In the future, Aubrey should not pursue such kind gestures for her colleagues as she will not know what they deem normal and crazy. 

It’s a Sanitary Thing to Do After All

At the end of the video, Aubrey admits that putting food in the fridge is the sanitary thing to do.

She knows this as she has worked in food service. Maybe she should have owned up to doing it and told her co-workers why she was right to do what she did. Then, they would be made to feel stupid for calling her out.

What would you do in this instance? Would you own up and tell your co-workers why it is good to refrigerate leftover food? Furthermore, do you refrigerate leftover pizza or leave it to get warm?

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