She Quit Her High-Profile Job Over LGBTQ+ Discrimination and Finds Fulfillment Elsewhere

OP had worked for over 20 years in a religious organization. She played a vital role, and she was good at her job. Despite not entirely agreeing with the religious identity of the organization, OP felt she was making a meaningful impact.

They Didn’t Hire LGBTQIA+ Constituents

The presence of other liberal-leaning employees within the organization was a comfort for OP. This camaraderie helped her to find contentment in her work.

OP’s state provided legal exemptions to the organization due to its religious ties. One exemption allowed them to consider sexual identity during hiring decisions.

The organization outwardly supported its many LGBTQIA+ constituents but didn’t openly hire from the community. For OP, supporting these constituents in a sometimes hostile environment was a significant part of her job.

Among OP’s staff was a high-performing employee who was a true game-changer. Her work had wide-reaching impacts on every constituent within the organization.

One Employee Caused Mixed Reactions

Initially closeted when she started her job, the employee later came out after a series of personal events. There were mixed reactions within the community, but many supported her.

OP attempted to promote this standout employee. However, the supervisor’s supervisor was against it.

The conversation culminated in the higher-up suggesting she should leave if she didn’t agree with the organization’s values.

This discussion was a wake-up call for OP. The words of the higher-up made them realize they didn’t agree with the organization’s stance either. It was time for her to leave.

She Wanted an Inclusive Work Environment

Prioritizing an inclusive work environment, OP started looking for a new job. She eventually found a workplace that didn’t just offer fascinating work but was also supportive of the LGBTQIA+ community.

In her new workplace, members of the LGBTQIA+ community were not only hired but also promoted. This was a refreshing change for OP compared to her previous experience.

What’s more, OP even received a 20% pay raise in her first year.

Her New Workplace Aligned With Her Values

OP’s sudden exit took her former organization by surprise. The organization was inundated with desperate calls asking for help on procedures and tasks. They also struggled to find a replacement for OP’s role.

The move to a new workplace that aligned with her values was a huge win for OP. She celebrated the decision, which allowed her to work in a space that resonated with her core beliefs.

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