She Refused To Accept His Ineffectual Apology. He Was Only Saying Sorry Because He Got Caught! It’s Not a Surprise After What He Said!

A woman recently took to Reddit to ask for opinions after she refused a coworker’s apology following an ugly incident. But the blowup had been building for a long time, and the apology rang hollow. Here is the full story.

She Was a Longstanding Member of the Team

OP has been at her job for more than 12 years. In 2021, the company hired four new employees to join OP’s team.

But none of the new people were ever very nice to OP, and she’s pretty sure it’s because she is different from them. Only her manager ever treated OP with any real respect.

Not long after they were hired, the new employees started holding potluck lunches. None of them included OP in their plans, though, and she only found out when she walked in on them eating.

OP asked them to let her know the next time they were having a potluck, and she would bake something for the group.

But She Was Hurtfully Excluded From the Potluck Lunches

But then the other employees excluded OP from a second potluck. And then from a third.

By that point, OP got the hint and stopped trying to eat with the group. She just ate by herself and did her job.

Then one day, OP’s boss asked her why she never ate with the group at the potlucks. OP told the truth and said that it was because she wasn’t invited.

OP’s boss was surprised to hear this and insisted that one of the other employees had texted the details to OP. But OP said she never got a text.

Her Boss Confronted the Group

So OP’s boss confronted the group and asked if they were excluding OP. They swore up and down that they had texted her about the potlucks multiple times.

But when the boss pressed them, no one could produce a text to OP. The manager met with her boss, and they decided to ban potluck lunches to try and avoid future problems.

The next day, the group of coworkers confronted OP in the break room at lunch time and started yelling at her for ruining their potlucks.

OP yelled right back at her coworkers, telling them she hadn’t asked the boss to nix the potluck lunches.

Because She Was Also Part of the Team

The problem was, she said, that she was part of the team, too, and their boss was uncomfortable that they continued to exclude her.

OP told her coworkers about her ADHD and Autism. She also said she knew they were excluding her on purpose.

By the end of the blowup, OP was in tears and on the verge of a panic attack. She had to call her mom to pick her up early from work.

A few days later, one of OP’s male coworkers approached her to offer an apology. He said that his nephew was Autistic and was sorry that he had treated OP poorly.

“Tell the Other Person to ‘Get Lost’”

But OP thought the coworker was only sorry that he got caught. She asked if he would tell his nephew to forgive someone who had been that nasty to him for over a year.

The coworker said he’d advise his nephew to tell the other person to ‘get lost’. OP told her coworker he should tell himself the same thing.

OP’s boss got wind of the failed apology and told OP that she overreacted. The manager thought OP should just accept her coworkers’ apology and move on.

But OP doesn’t think she needs to forgive someone who’s really not sorry at all.

She Reached Breaking Point

Reddit commenters overwhelmingly support OP in her reaction and feelings toward her colleagues.

They think she showed a ton of patience before finally reaching her breaking point. 

Many Redditors point out that it isn’t OP’s responsibility to restore peace to the office after she was mistreated for so long.

So, what do you think about this story? Was OP justified to reject her coworker’s apology?

Or should she just forgive her colleagues and try to get along?

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