She Refused To Pay Her Bill and Took It Upon Herself to Fire the Server in Her Husband’s Restaurant Creating an Almighty Fiasco for All Concerned

A stressed-out husband took to Reddit to ask for opinions after he blew up at his wife when she showed up at his work. The problem was how she treated the other staff members, right down to trying to fire one of them! Here is the full story.

He Worked Hard and Became Restaurant Manager

OP is a 37-year-old man who started working at a restaurant owned by one of his dad’s friends a few years back. It was an entry-level job but has since evolved into much more.

In fact, OP’s boss has handed him more and more responsibility over the years, and OP has always stepped up. Most recently, he has been managing the restaurant when his boss was unavailable.

Impressed with his continued progress, the boss offered to give OP full managerial duties. That meant he’d run the place on a day-to-day basis even though he wouldn’t truly be the final decision-maker.

OP jumped at the chance even though he was nervous about the new responsibilities. He knew it would mean his relationship with his coworkers would change, and there would be all sorts of ways he could trip up.

His Wife Bragged About His Success

Still, OP was excited for the promotion, and his wife was, too. She had always been his biggest supporter and told him he’d be great in this new role, too.

But OP made it clear to his wife that he wasn’t the boss of the place. His job was to keep it running, handle customer interactions, set up employee schedules, and take care of all the other operational duties.

OP would not be making bottom-line decisions or hiring and firing staff.

His wife told OP that she understood, but right away, she turned to social media and posted about his new job as manager. It didn’t take long for OP to find out about that, and he asked her to take it down, which she did.

She Refused To Pay and Fired the Server!

But OP’s wife wasn’t done with her bragging.

Although OP didn’t find out about it until later, his wife’s next move was to show up at his restaurant with a group of friends. She bragged to everyone about how her husband was the manager of the place.

Then, when the bill came, OP’s wife told the server she didn’t have to pay because she was the boss’s wife. The two women argued about it for a while, then the wife went home.

A couple of hours later, the server called OP and asked him why he had fired her. He had no idea what she was talking about until she showed him a screenshot of a message sent from his Facebook account.

He Confronted His Wife

The message said that the server had been rude and unprofessional to OP’s wife, so she was fired.

OP apologized to the staff member and assured her that she had not been fired. He told her there had been a misunderstanding and that he would clear it up.

When he got home that evening, OP confronted his wife, who confirmed the whole nasty scene with the server. He told his wife again that he was not the manager and demanded that she apologize to his coworker.

That sent OP’s wife into tears, and then she packed a bag and left the house.

And Then His In-Laws Got Involved in the Debacle

OP was completely stressed out by the whole situation, and it only got worse when his in-laws called. They demand that he come to their house to apologize to his wife.

But OP doesn’t think he did anything wrong, and he’s concerned he may lose his job because of his wife’s behavior.

Redditors overwhelmingly side with OP in this situation. They think his wife was way out of line for showing up at his work acting like she owned the place.

Some of them point out that the bogus firing could open up the restaurant for a lawsuit.

She Needs Counseling!

Others encourage OP to consider going to counseling with his wife to try and figure out why she would behave that way.

So, what do you think of this story?

Was OP justified for calling out his wife and demanding that she apologize to the server?

Or did he overreact since he had already restored the peace with his coworker?

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