She Says That School Pick up Time Is Wilder Than the Wild West and the Parents Are Badly Behaved

Many might assume that dropping off and picking up children from school is a seamless, calm, and quiet experience. However, if you are a parent, you will likely know this isn’t true. 

Wild and Out of Control

The idea of dropping off children might seem idealistic to some people before they become parents. However, the reality is that this time of day is hectic and chaotic. 

TikToker Jessi @itsjessidd_ shares her opinion in a video on why she thinks parent drop-off time at school is totally wild and out of control.

Jessi admits that she thinks many people consider parents as being lame and quiet. However, her opinion is the complete opposite after experiencing parent drop-off time at school. 

Maybe other parents might agree with Jessi if they have also experienced this momentous time when taking their children to school.

Parents Are Badly Behaved

Jessi begins by suggesting that parent pick-up and drop-off time on the school grounds is “wild”.

Her tone and body language suggest that she is hyped up about this fact as she wishes to prove that parents are not as lame and timid as people might think they are. 

Yes, parents will act safely and well-behaved in front of their own children to teach them good behavior.

Yet, when they are around other parents and children during a moment of rushing, it seems they can no longer be well-behaved. 

It’s like the Wild West!

She goes on to compare this experience to the “Wild West”, which is unlike any other place on Earth. Hence, suggesting it is a situation that nobody can fathom until they experience it for themselves. 

Jessi feels there “are no rules” when it comes to child drop-off and pick-up time. She says there might be a crossing guard to ensure the children and parents cross the road into the school safely.

However, once you cross that line and get onto school grounds, no rules are in play.

It isn’t necessarily the children causing the chaos. Instead, it is down to the parents.

Chaotic Children

Jessi suggests that the parents should be there and use good behavior as they are at school to drop off and pick up children, not to cause chaos among young children who are already chaotic.

Jessi shares her opinion that parents drive around the school grounds like it is the “Kentucky Derby” or a NASCAR race, with no care or patience to allow others to pass calmly and remain safe. 

Jessi’s most recent event on schools ground was the day she made the video. She shares that she was crossing the street because it was her turn to go left.

She had her turn signal on and as soon as she goes to turn during her right of way, another driver drives straight toward her.

Dangerous Driving Despite the Slow Speed Limit

Nobody would expect such dangerous driving or behavior in front of children and on grounds whereby the driving speed limit is slow.

The school grounds are one place you would expect people to be patient as you never know when children might be around.

It is considered an organized time to drive. However, it seems to be the complete opposite of Jessi’s story. 

Jessi appears so agitated by this driving incident that she raises her voice and throws her hands in the air, which is probably how she reacted when it happened.

Kids Are at Risk

Anyone else would do the same when they go into a scenario they know to be chaotic. Then, someone proves how wild the experience is by doing something disallowed according to driving laws. 

We hope that every school drop-off and pick-up experience isn’t the same. Not only is it frustrating and chaotic for parents, but it is dangerous for children.

The school grounds should be a safe and calm space, where children can remain safe and not be put at risk by other drivers. 

Who knew the school grounds could be so wild and dangerous? Let’s hope that these schools put safety measures into place so that parents can stop acting so wild when they drop off and pick up their children from school. 

Do you have children and drop off and pick them up from school? Have you had the same experience as Jessi? Let us know your opinions and similar stories in the comments.

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