She Shares That They Have Separate Bedrooms and Insists That Their Relationship Is Not in Trouble. What Do You Think?

The decision of a TikToker and her boyfriend to sleep separately has triggered a lively online debate, as individuals on both sides of the argument present their viewpoints.

Their Relationship Is Not in Trouble

A TikToker with the username @kat.studios recently defended her and her boyfriend’s choice to have separate bedrooms, stirring up discussions about relationship dynamics and the significance of personal space.

In her TikTok video, she questioned when society would accept the idea of couples living together but having their own individual sleeping quarters, without assuming that their relationship is in trouble.

She proceeded to explain why this arrangement works for her and her boyfriend.

Having been in a relationship for six years and living together for nearly four years, she addressed the judgments they face, stating, “It is amazing how people will jump to conclusions and just make the worst assumptions about our relationship when they find out.”

They Need Personal Space

First and foremost, she clarified that they still sleep together most of the time. However, there are instances when they prefer separate bedrooms, either when they need personal space or have different wake-up routines. 

She also highlighted practical benefits such as additional closet space and not having to eliminate personal belongings when moving in with her boyfriend.

The TikToker emphasized that they personalize their individual bedrooms with décor and establish their own rules, which grants them a sense of control. 

She remarked, “It’s just really nice having that sense of freedom and independence in a committed relationship, where you have to compromise on everything else.”

Don’t Judge!

Another advantage she mentioned was having a private space for themselves during occasional arguments. 

She expressed, “Sometimes couples fight and it’s really nice to have a private, personal space where you can go take a beat, get your thoughts in order, take some for yourself, etc.”

Concluding her video, she urged viewers not to judge others’ choices, stating, “If you ever meet a couple that maybe doesn’t share the same bedroom or does something else that seems odd to you, try not to jump to conclusions, try not to make assumptions.” 

The TikToker was pleasantly surprised by the supportive comments and thanked users for their love, admitting that she did not anticipate the video to gain such widespread attention.

She Was Overwhelmed With the Support

As her video gained traction, numerous users shared their opinions on sharing a bedroom with their partners, while others commended her for discussing this topic. 

One viewer mentioned, “My wife and I have our own rooms. I am very neat and she isn’t. We both get to have our own space and office since we work from home. Very happy! [together] for 22 years.”

Kat expressed her surprise at the overwhelming support in the comments section, thanking users for their love and acknowledging that she didn’t expect the video to “blow up” in the way it did. 

She simply wanted to express her thoughts and was pleased to discover that she wasn’t alone in her “unconventional” lifestyle choice.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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