She Snuck Out of the Restaurant and Left Him With a Big Bill and Egg On His Face

A woman recently took to Reddit to ask for opinions after she walked out on her boyfriend at a restaurant, leaving him with a big bill and embarrassing him in front of his friends. This is her full story.

They’ve Been Engaged for Five Months

OP is a 33-year-old woman who has been engaged to her 37-year-old fiancé for five months. At his request, they do not share finances as, though they do know how much each other makes at their jobs.

After receiving a hefty raise in her salary, both OP and her fiancé realized that she was suddenly making 30% more than he was.

It didn’t take long before OP began noticing a concerning pattern. Whenever she and her fiancé went out, he asked her to pay. He was even more insistent when they went out with friends.

If OP ever hesitated or asked why she should have to pay, her fiancé would point to her 30% higher salary. She could afford it now, he said..

He Always Asked Her to Pay!

Many times, OP’s fiancé would wait until they were in public and at a table full of friends before he would ask her to pay. That really put her on the spot and made her feel really angry and awkward.

But OP says she’s too kind to refuse and hates confrontation, so she would just swallow it down and pay whatever bill her fiancé was asking her to take care of

It all came to a head one evening recently when OP’s fiancé invited her to join him and his friends for dinner. OP agreed to attend but told her fiancé very clearly beforehand that she would not be paying for their food.

OP told her fiancé that he should not expect any financial help at all from her that night and that he had better not embarrass her again. He assured her that he was taking care of everything.

She Could Afford It Now

But not long after they started eating, OP’s fiancé leaned over to her and told her she was paying for all the meals. Everyone had ordered on separate tickets, so OP thought each person was paying their own. 

OP whispered back that there was no way she was paying for anything except her own meal and reminded him about his promise. But he again brought up how she could afford it because of her extra 30% salary.

Fuming inside, OP managed to control her anger and waited until the bills arrived. She paid hers and then excused herself to the restroom.

And then OP excused herself from the whole scene. She left the restaurant, got in her car, and drove home.

He Tried to Trick Her into Paying

OP’s fiancé was soon calling and texting her, wondering where she was. She told him that she had gone home because she was really upset that he tried to trick her into paying for everyone’s food. Then she turned off her phone.

When her fiancé came home an hour later, he called OP a selfish, irrational cheapskate for leaving him with a huge bill he couldn’t pay. He’d had to call his brother for help, and he felt foolish in front of their friends.

The fiancé said that OP could have easily paid for the meals since the restaurant was inexpensive. He ended by telling her that his friends urged him to reflect on the type of woman he was planning to marry.

Now, OP isn’t sure if she did something wrong and wonders if she should have handled the situation differently.

She Should Be Reevaluating Their Future

Reddit commenters almost unanimously side with OP, with many telling her she should have snuck out of the relationship long ago.

Others think it’s ironic that her fiancé is reflecting on whether he wants to marry her, when she is the one who should be reevaluating their future.

And some Redditors agree that OP was justified for walking out, but they think she should have stood up for herself far earlier in the relationship.

So, what do you think of this story? Was OP right for “sneaking out” of the restaurant and leaving her boyfriend with a big bill?

Or should she have paid yet again and then hashed it out with him later on?

And is there any hope for the future of this relationship? 

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