She Stuck to Her Guns as a Customer Tried to Manipulate Her into Serving His Underage Child Alcohol!

A few years back, Terry found herself in a memorable situation while working as a server at an ale house. It’s a story that recently resurfaced in her mind, reminding her of the unexpected events that unfolded that day.

His Underage Daughter Asked For Sangria

As Terry went about her duties, a group of four patrons entered the establishment – a father, his daughter, a young son, and what appeared to be the father’s girlfriend.

Terry approached the table to take their drink orders. The father requested a rum and coke, a simple order to fulfill.

However, when it was the daughter’s turn to order, she asked for a sangria. Terry, following the establishment’s policy, asked for her ID. Much to her surprise, the daughter didn’t have any identification with her.

The father, in an attempt to vouch for his daughter’s age, interjected, confidently stating that she was 21 and he, as her father, would know.

Which Sparked a Heated Argument About Her Age

He insisted that Terry should serve her the sangria without ID verification. This sparked a heated argument, with the father questioning Terry’s judgment and integrity.

He wondered why she couldn’t take his word for it and accused her of implying that he was lying.

He emphasized that it was just a sangria, a harmless concoction of juice and a little wine, and wondered why Terry was making such a fuss.

Maintaining her professionalism, Terry calmly explained that while she understood his position, she could potentially lose her job for serving alcohol to someone without proper identification.

She Highlighted the Seriousness of Underage Drinking

She also mentioned the recent sting operations the establishment had experienced, highlighting the seriousness of the situation.

However, the father persisted, constantly trying to persuade Terry and even claiming that he had successfully done this before.

Reaching her breaking point, Terry delivered a straightforward response that left no room for negotiation. She bluntly stated, “My job is more important than your daughter getting alcohol.”

Despite her firm stance, the father continued his attempts to manipulate the situation. In a last-ditch effort, he decided to change his own drink order to a sangria, hoping to bypass Terry’s refusal.

He Tried to Mask His True Intentions

Sensing his desperation, Terry reiterated the potential consequences, clarifying that if he ordered the sangria and handed it to his daughter, it would still jeopardize her job.

Undeterred, the father insisted that the sangria was for him, attempting to mask his true intentions. Terry seized the opportunity to expose his ploy, asking whether he preferred white or red sangria.

But the moment of truth came when he turned to his daughter and asked, “Do you want white or red?”

Recognizing that the situation was escalating, Terry promptly sought assistance from her manager, Ed.

They Accused Her of Racism as a Last Ditch Attempt

Before Ed could reach the table, however, the group engaged another server, a new Spanish-speaking employee, and falsely accused Terry of discrimination based on their Hispanic heritage.

Unfazed by their baseless claims, Terry remained focused on her responsibilities as the shift lead and front-of-house manager.

She made a point of ensuring that the new server did not serve the daughter any alcohol, determined to uphold the establishment’s policies.

Throughout the encounter, the group continued to converse in Spanish, occasionally making derogatory remarks about Terry. Nevertheless, Terry remained unfazed by their attempts to unsettle her. 

They No Longer Wanted Her Service

In the end, the group decided they didn’t want Terry as their server – an outcome that she welcomed with relief.

She found some amusement in the situation, particularly when she walked past their table while attending to her other customers, knowing that they were seated in her “extra section.”

Though the group continued to gossip about her in Spanish, Terry paid no mind to their comments. She found solace in the small victories she had achieved throughout this unexpected ordeal.

Sometimes, in the course of ordinary shifts, servers like Terry find themselves facing unusual challenges. However, it is in these moments that they must stand firm, upholding the policies and rules set forth by their establishments.

She Knew She Should Prioritize Integrity

Terry’s story serves as a reminder that, no matter the circumstances, it is essential to prioritize the integrity of one’s job and not compromise it for the sake of accommodating others’ requests.

This moral extends beyond the specific scenario Terry faced. It is a reminder that in our own lives, we will encounter moments when our values and principles get tested.

It is during these times that we must hold steadfast to what we believe to be right, even if others try to convince us otherwise.

By standing firm in our convictions, we preserve our integrity and ensure that our actions align with our moral compass.

Have you ever been in a situation where something or someone tested your principles? How did you handle it?

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