She Thought Hiring a Cleaner Would Make Her House Less of a Mess, but She Was Incredibly Wrong!

This dramatic tale comes to us from Reddit. A mum-to-be shares her experience of hiring a local family cleaner to fix their house up and the destruction that their three children wreaked in her house within a matter of minutes! 

Entitled House Cleaner

The OP, a soon-to-be mother, shares a jaw-dropping experience about an entitled house cleaner and her unruly children.

The OP and her husband had hired a local husband-and-wife small business to do maintenance projects on their home before the arrival of their baby. 

The couple arrived for an initial assessment, but to the OP’s surprise, they brought their three elementary-aged children along.

Welcoming Place for Children

Despite her initial discomfort, the OP likes kids and liked the idea of their house being a welcoming place for children, so she brushed it off and decided to let it slide.

However, things quickly spiraled out of control as soon as the children entered the OP’s home. They scattered in different directions, shoes on, and started pulling toys off the shelves at lightning speed! 

The parents seemed unfazed by their children’s behavior, and the mother even commented on how much her kids loved the OP’s house.

The OP tried to wrap up the discussion with the parents to get them to leave, but not before the children noticed the carefully organized loft, which served as a playroom and library.

Chaos Ensued

Ignoring the OP’s attempts to regain control of the situation, the children raced upstairs, and chaos ensued!

The children started shrieking at the sight of the room, and the OP heard stomping and clanging that sounded like they were jumping off furniture.

Then came a crash that could only have been furniture falling over, and the mom didn’t bat an eyelash. 

She did nothing to intervene or reprimand her kids, and the OP’s husband had to rush upstairs to assess the damage.

Baby Chicks

Just when things couldn’t get worse.

The youngest child, four years old, urgently needed to use the bathroom, and as three of the four bathrooms required service, the only one available was their master bathroom, where they were keeping chicks in an incubator. 

The OP showed the child where to go, but she got distracted by the chicks and screamed for the older kids upstairs to come to see.

The older two came barreling and yelling through OP’s bedroom and bathroom with shoes on, and the small one didn’t quite make it to the toilet in all the excitement!

Destruction and Mayhem

All of this unfolded in just 15 minutes, a whirlwind of destruction and mayhem in the OP’s once-serene home.

The OP couldn’t believe what was happening, and the entitlement of the house cleaner and her children left her stunned. 

She thought it was bizarre and horrible, but they would just have them do the job tomorrow and not work with them again.

But then, two of the kids started throwing tantrums when it was time for them to leave, and the mom said, “It’s OK! We’ll be back, so you can play more with them tomorrow!”

Provide Childcare?

The mother’s casual attitude towards her children’s destructive behavior and her assumption that the OP would provide childcare for them while she worked was infuriating. The OP quickly decided to cancel their services.

The OP can’t believe it. Did the mom expect to leave her children unsupervised in their home while performing tasks clearly unsafe for children in closed-off rooms for seven hours?

She was almost too shocked to even be upset. She checked upstairs and found a shelf of books partially toppled, every toy in the living room in pieces on the floor, and pee not in the toilet.

It happened so fast that she couldn’t even process it all.

Lost for Words

The OP is at a loss for words and struggles to comprehend what just happened in her own home.

She can’t fathom how someone could bring their children to work and leave them unsupervised to wreak havoc in someone else’s house.

She had trusted the house cleaner and her husband to do a professional job, but their lack of consideration for her home and property was appalling.

The OP had expected a simple assessment of the projects and negotiation of pay, but instead, she found herself dealing with a nightmare situation caused by entitled behavior.

Surreal Experience

The OP’s encounter with an entitled house cleaner and her unruly children was a shocking and surreal experience.

The disregard for the OP’s home and property, the lack of supervision for the children, and the mother’s assumption that the OP would provide childcare while she worked are unacceptable.

It’s crazy what some people think is acceptable!


Redditors empathized with her tale. One user said, “Yikes. Glad you are canceling. Hope you tell them exactly why you are canceling. None of that experience was normal for a business transaction.”

What do you think about this tale of mayhem? Have you ever experienced something similar?

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