She Told Them Her Salary Was Twice His When They Called Her a Gold Digger

A mechanical engineer recently asked Reddit for opinions about an encounter she had with her boyfriend’s buddies when they called her a gold digger. Here’s what happened when she told them she made twice what he did.

She Earns Double

The OP is a mechanical engineer at a robotics startup and makes about 130K per year. Her boyfriend is a programmer at a large company and makes less than 70K per year. None of that mattered much until they went to a party.

That’s where the OP met her boyfriend’s buddies, who are also programmers. All they wanted to talk about was their jobs, and they wanted to hear about hers, too.

She works to support her hobbies and live a fun life and doesn’t really like to talk about her job all that much.

But the friends kept pushing, so she told them about the day she’d had, which involved fixing an engine in extreme heat.

Did She Have Gold Digger Traits?

The conversations continued along those lines, and she mentioned how she thought car dealerships charged too much for repairs.

She also told a story about a childhood friend’s trailer catching fire and how she was going to pay a visit and try to help out.

It all seemed to paint a picture of a girl who grew up kind of poor. As the friends got drunker, some of them started making jokes about how she was a gold digger trying to latch onto their programmer buddy.

Some of them even said she’d move on to another guy if he had more money.

Misogynistic Jokes

The OP was shocked by the misogynistic jokes and started to get really angry. She thought her boyfriend would jump to her defense, but he just sat there and listened to the whole thing without ever saying a word.

When she had heard all she could stand, the OP let them have it. “Why the hell would you say that when I make twice what he does?” she asked them.

That shut them up, but she wasn’t done. She told them that none of them had any gold worth digging.

Her boyfriend wanted to leave right after she told the secret about their salaries, and the party was pretty much dead by that point, anyway. When they were gone, the OP asked her boyfriend why he hadn’t stood up for her.

He Was High

He told her that he had been smoking weed, and that he gets quiet and can’t hold a conversation when he’s high. She let that slide, but her feelings were really hurt. And then he made everything even worse..

He said that he was humiliated for his friends to know that his girlfriend made twice as much as he did. And now they were all going to make fun of him for that and ride him about how much of a witch his girlfriend was. 

The OP couldn’t believe her boyfriend was being defensive about what she had said. He could have stopped the whole thing by telling his friends to shut their traps about her.

And she let him have a real zinger, too: “At least they know I’m a rich bitch.”

She Stood up for Herself

Things are tense between the OP and her boyfriend now, and she’s not sure if the relationship can survive after all the stuff that was said on both sides. She’s worried she may have pushed a bit too far with the friends.

Commenters on Reddit overwhelmingly support the OP and how she stood up for herself. Some of them think the friends are insecure about their own lives, and most of them call out the boyfriend for not coming to her aid.

More than a few suggested she should just break up with him and that she’d have a better life without him.

So what do you think of this story? Was the OP out of line for telling her boyfriend’s buddies how much more money she makes? 

And what about the boyfriend? Do you think he was out of line for getting angry with her and especially for not coming to her defense?

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