She Took Away Her Stepsons Computer Access When He Was Doing Homework, Then Banned Him for Three Days! Is She in the Right?

A stepmom posted on Reddit to ask the community if she’d been nasty for following through with her family’s electronics rules. This is the tale.


NE (No Electronics) is fuming. She can’t believe the nerve of her stepson Sam, 14, and his mother.

NE has always treated Sam and his younger brother like her own children, and she loves them dearly. But after what happened a few nights ago, NE is feeling hurt and angry.

NE and her husband have a rule in their home: no electronics after 8:30 pm. This rule applies to everyone, including NE and her husband.

They think it’s important to spend some quality family time in the evenings and to protect their young kids from using the internet without their supervision.

Sam Thought He Was Above the Rules

It’s a rule that NE and her husband have been following for years, and they expect their kids to follow it too.

But Sam apparently thinks he’s above the rules. Two nights ago, he came home late from school, ate dinner, watched a 30-minute show, and then went up to his room around 8 pm.

NE planned to read before bed, so she put her phone and laptop in the “Docking Station” early, as usual. At around 8:45 or 9 pm, she checked on Sam and found him on his computer.

When she asked him why he was breaking the rules, he said he had homework due the next day that he had to finish.

Rules Are Rules

NE told him that rules are rules, and he had to put his laptop up immediately. But Sam argued with her, saying that it would only take him 15 more minutes to finish his homework.

NE stood firm and told him he had to give her his laptop. Since the consequence of breaking the rule was no electronics for three days, and he argued with her, she took away his phone and Nintendo Switch too.

Sam was furious, calling her names and saying how she wasn’t his mother. NE was hurt by his words, but she stood her ground. She knew that if she didn’t enforce the rules, the kids would never take them seriously.

The next day, NE got a phone call from Sam’s mother. She started yelling at NE over the phone, saying that Sam got a zero on an assignment because NE didn’t let him finish it.

Was She a Tyrant?

She said the rule in their home was absurd and that NE was being a tyrant. NE calmly explained that they have their own rules in their home, and the kids have to follow them when they’re there.

Sam’s mother continued to yell at her, but NE didn’t back down. She knew she was doing the right thing.

NE’s husband supported her, telling her to stick to her rules. He also told her not to talk to his ex-wife anymore because he didn’t want her to yell at him.

But now Sam is giving NE the silent treatment, and his mother has been texting her, calling her cold and heartless.

She’s Hurt and Angry

NE is hurt and angry. She loves these kids like they’re her own, but it seems like they don’t respect her or her rules.

She’s wondering if she’s being too harsh, but deep down, she thinks that rules are important and they have to be enforced. She wants to know if she is the jerk in this situation.

But NE’s perception is selfish. She has not shown any empathy toward Sam’s situation, and she has not considered his needs as a student.

Sam is a responsible child who is doing well in school and is involved in extracurricular activities and sports.

Electronics Are Important for Homework

He gets home around 7 pm, which leaves him with very little time to eat, relax, and do his homework before the electronics curfew.

NE’s punishment of taking away all electronics for three days is harsh and uncalled for, and it shows that she has no understanding of how important electronics are for students nowadays.

When NE posted her situation on Reddit, users overwhelmingly thought that she was in the wrong. They said that the rule was not appropriate for a 14-year-old, especially given his schedule.

They suggested that she adjust the time so Sam has time to finish his homework and that there should be an exception to the electronics rule to allow him to get his work done.

Appalled He Couldn’t Finish His Homework

Many users were appalled that NE stopped him from finishing an assignment, saying that it was bad parenting. Some even pointed out that this punishment would affect his grades and ultimately harm his education.

It is understandable that NE wants to enforce the rule to ensure that the young children in the house are safe and that the family spends quality time together.

However, she should have been more flexible with the rule, especially given Sam’s busy schedule.

He Only Needed 15 Minutes More

Sam was doing his homework, and he only needed 15 more minutes to finish it. NE should have allowed him to finish his homework and talked to him about planning his time better in the future.

It is important to have a healthy and supportive relationship with stepchildren, and NE’s inflexible approach may end up hurting her relationship with Sam in the long run!

What do you think about this tale? Who is in the wrong here?

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