She Took Fishy Revenge On Her Cheating Ex and Hid Stinking Prawns in the Curtain Rails and Muscle Relaxant in His Underwear

A woman has become an internet sensation on TikTok after exacting her revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend in a rather unique and stinky way. Carrie Anne Burke took to hiding raw shrimp inside his curtain rods, among other devious acts.

A Stinking Revenge Plan

“When he cheats on you, put prawns in his curtain poles,” Carrie captioned the viral video. With over 1.6 million views in just three days, viewers are applauding Carrie’s creative approach to vengeance. 

In a subsequent video, Carrie revealed that she discovered her ex-boyfriend’s infidelity when she stumbled upon flirtatious messages he had sent to multiple women while he was away on a work trip.

He has his iPhone and iPad synced, so she saw his text messages through the iPad while he was gone. 

“They always forget it’s connected to the iPad,” one viewer commented. 

She Caught Him Red-Handed

When she saw the messages, she was initially devastated, but then used her anger to fuel the perfect revenge. “I thought, ‘Screw this. I deserve better than that,'” she stated.

She told viewers she put prawns in his curtain poles of his shower. With each passing day, the smell would become more and more unbearable, with him dumbfounded as to where the smell was coming from.  

In a follow up video, she tells viewers that the prawn-filled curtain rods weren’t her only farewell present. 

“I emptied all the soap just to annoy him,” Carrie confessed. “I also spiked his roll-on deodorant and lined the bottom of his boxers with [a muscle relaxer].”

She Wanted to Urinate in the Kettle!

She even went as far as cutting off the ends of his socks and removed the batteries from every remote control in the house.

“I had planned to urinate in his kettle, but he has a son, so I couldn’t do it,” Carrie explained in the video.

She then disclosed that the hidden prawns were the most pungent and bothersome prank. “His mother scrubbed his bedroom for months,” Burke revealed.

To her surprise, she later discovered the room didn’t smell of fish, but had an odor of something burning.

Cooking Prawns Behind the Radiator

In a stunning twist, Carrie admitted she eventually confessed her misdeeds to her ex-boyfriend, stating, “I told him.”

“He got rid of his curtain poles, and that was the end of it, unfortunately,” she shared. Since posting the video, Carrie has received numerous comments, many praising her actions.

“My girl! I also put prawns in the radiator gaps and turned on the heat before he came home. You’re a girl after my own heart, hahaha,” one person wrote.

Yes, Yes, Yesss!

Another commenter said, “This woman deserves recognition. Yes, yes, yesss.”

“Better than smashing windows, baby! No damage, no charges,” added a third individual.”

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