She Took Matters Into Her Own Hands After Her Husband Drove Her to The Ranch; He’s Seething

A frustrated wife sparked outrage on Reddit when she revealed that she stole her husband’s car to get to work. But it wasn’t the getaway itself that caused so much buzz. Here is her full story.

She Works Endlessly

OP is a 33-year-old woman who is married to a 36-year-old man. OP is a nurse, and her husband works a reasonably typical office job.

As with most healthcare professionals, OP has been on the run and working crazy hours pretty much since the start of the pandemic.

She barely has time to breathe, but she knows her job is important.

Meanwhile, OP’s husband is very close to his family and spends much of his time with them. Many of them live on a ranch in the middle of nowhere, and that’s his favorite place to be.

He Always Wants To Be at His Family’s Ranch

Family events are a source of constant conflict for OP and her husband. There’s always something going on at the ranch, and the husband wants to be there for all of it.

That’s fine with OP, but the problem is that her husband wants her to accompany him, too.

Since the ranch is so remote, it’s just not possible for her to be there and also work her somewhat unpredictable shifts at the hospital.

Recently, OP’s in-laws hosted a BBQ at the ranch, and all of her husband’s siblings and their spouses were going.

She Couldn’t Skip Work

He really wanted her to come along this time, but she couldn’t. She had a scheduled shift that she couldn’t miss.

OP’s husband was upset, complaining that she never prioritized family. They argued about it for a while the day before the BBQ, but OP finally put her foot down and said she was working.

At that point, OP’s husband stopped arguing but sulked off, and they didn’t talk the rest of the day.

The following day, OP got up to head to work, but all her tires were flat. Flustered and frantic about getting to the hospital on time, she asked her husband to drive her. He agreed.

Her Tires Were Flat

So OP and her husband piled into his car and headed for the hospital, but it didn’t take her long to realize he was going the wrong way.

He drove them to the ranch where his family gathered instead of taking her to work.

Needless to say, OP was furious, but her husband laughed it off and said she’d have to sit that shift out.

He went into the house to join the party and left her outside fuming and try to calm down.

She Was Livid He’d Taken Her to the Ranch, so She Took His Keys

Once her husband was out of sight, though, OP checked the time and realized she could still get to work if she hurried.

He had left his keys with her, so she took the car and burned rubber toward the hospital.

On the way, OP’s husband started blowing up her phone, so she turned it off. She didn’t look at it again until about halfway through her shift.

No surprise OP’s husband had left several angry messages. When she finally called him back, he accused her of manipulating him and making him look like a fool in front of the family.

They’ve Been Fighting Ever Since

OP and her husband have been fighting ever since, and his family is angry with her, too. Her hubby says he doesn’t think he can ever trust her again.

OP feels bad that there was an ugly scene, but she was afraid she would lose her job if she didn’t show up.

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