She Took on Her Sexist Neighbor and His Stealing Friends, and Revengefully Won!

Respect is something that every person deserves, regardless of gender. Unfortunately, sexism and misogyny still run rampant in our society, causing women to constantly fight for the basic respect they deserve. Jess, a college student, found herself in a situation where her male neighbor disrespected her and her friend. In response, she decided to take revenge in a way that hit him where it really hurts – by telling his mother everything he had done. This is a story of a woman who refused to let sexism go unchecked and took matters into her own hands to get the respect she deserved!

She Lived in Dorms Next to a Disrespectful, Misogynistic Person

Jess is a 20-year-old student who resides in a dorm at her university. Unfortunately, she was assigned a room right next to Chad, a guy who has a reputation for being a disrespectful, misogynistic person.

In her freshman year, Chad dumped her friend and called her a sexist slur to her face. Jess has disliked Chad and his friends ever since.

Living next to Chad this year has been a nightmare. His friends frequently visit him, and they yell, bang on the walls, and loudly shame women and comment on their bodies. Jess finds it disturbing and unacceptable.

One night, Jess was drinking with her boyfriend, and she ordered some food. She made sure to get down to the front door as fast as possible because it was common for people to steal orders outside.

He Had Stolen Her Food

While she was heading to the entrance where her food was left, Chad and his friends walked past her with bags of food in their hands.

She went outside, and to her dismay, her food was gone. Jess immediately suspected that Chad had stolen her food.

Thankfully, she caught the elevator before it closed, and she saw one of Chad’s friends telling him to “put it back.” Jess asked them if that was her food, and they awkwardly replied yes.

Chad handed her back her food, but then another friend said, “Okay, well, put the other one back.” Chad’s friend was holding another bag of takeout with Jess’s friend’s name on it. Jess said, “That’s my friend; I’ll take it to him.”

He Made Her Cry

While they were going up floors, Jess started to cry because she was inebriated and very overwhelmed by what just happened.

To her surprise, everyone in the elevator laughed at her, trying to stifle it with their hands over their mouths. She left the elevator in tears without anyone apologizing to her.

When she got back to her room, Jess was drunk, angry, and hungry. She told her boyfriend everything, and he was equally furious.

He asked her if she wanted him to go over and tell Chad off, even suggesting that he slash his tires or key his car. But Jess wanted to hit him where it really hurts.

She Told Tales to His Mother

She went to Facebook and found Chad’s mother through his account. It only took her about three minutes to find her.

Jess DMed her and told her EVERYTHING – not only what had just happened, but also all the misogynistic and mean things Chad had said to women and her friends.

A few days later, Jess received a text from her RA (resident advisor) informing her that Chad had requested to formally apologize to the RA as a witness.

Apparently, since it was attempted theft, the RA would have to report him, and it would be put on his permanent record if he didn’t apologize.

He Had to Apologize

Coincidentally, Jess saw that Chad’s mom had opened her message half an hour earlier. It seems like his mom scolded him and probably demanded he apologize.

Jess went to the apology, thinking to herself, “This better be a scholarship-saving apology.” However, Chad gave a rubbish, unemotional apology and thanked her for not reporting him.

While the apology was disappointing, the satisfaction of Chad’s mother knowing what a fool he was was all she really needed!

Jess had had enough of Chad’s disrespectful behavior, and she took action. She knew that revenge was best served cold, and she decided to hit him where it really hurts – by contacting his mother.

Revengefully Exposing His Bad Behavior

Jess was proud of herself for standing up for herself and her friend and for teaching Chad a lesson that he would never forget.

She realized that sometimes, you have to fight fire with fire and that sometimes, the best revenge is to expose someone’s bad behavior to the people who matter most to them.

Redditors loved her story of revenge on a sexist guy who had disrespected her and her friend.

One user said, “I had to do this with an ex-boyfriend of mine like 15 years ago. He was constantly calling me, leaving mean messages, having his calls forwarded to me, and then even started giving my number to girls saying it was his, so… I had to call his mommy.”

Have you ever been in a situation similar to Jess’s? What did you do?

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