She Took on Some Rude Customers That Reduced Her Staff to Tears and Got Them Slammed in Jail

We’ve all read stories about nightmare customers, but it’s not often that they get their just desserts. However, this woman’s tale is just that – a tale of revenge on some entitled, rude customers who had made her server cry. This is an extraordinary tale and one that you’ll enjoy reading.

Let’s travel back in time to 2006, when our protagonist was managing a popular bar and grille on the waterfront, famously known for its appearance in the chase scene from the movie “Meet the Fockers.”

It was a Friday night, and the restaurant was bustling with customers. The original story poster (OP) was in charge, making sure everything ran smoothly until an incident occurred that triggered her revenge instincts.

A group of three customers, a man, and two women in their late 50s to early 60s, were seated in the back room at a table for four. The OP’s waitstaff, a young waitress named MK, approached the table to take their drink orders.

But before MK could even start, one of the women spilled her water and immediately blamed and berated the waitress – and two of her companions joined in! MK was in tears, and the OP couldn’t stand by and watch.

She caught MK running through the kitchen and told her to take a break, offering her a cigarette and some time to chill out.

The OP then instructed the rest of the staff to cover MK’s section and went to the table to address the situation. 

She spoke with the customers, smoothing things over and informing them that she would be replacing the waitress. To make amends, the OP even offered to buy them a round of drinks and appetizers for the misunderstanding.

Little did they know that the OP had watched the surveillance video and knew that none of her staff had caused the water spill. No one was even close to the table, and the customer had spilled it themselves. 

To make matters more interesting, the customers happened to be sitting next to The OP’s own parents, who had come to visit her at work for the first time. 

When the OP left the table, the male customer joked about making a scene and “slapping managers around” to get free stuff.

Her dad was outraged and stepped away from his table to inform her of this guy’s appalling behavior. The OP wasn’t phased and told him not to worry, “Just enjoy the show.”

As the night went on, the OP kept serving the customers drinks, apps, dinner, and even free desserts and ports. The OP presented the bill, which only had entrees on it, and the gentleman was pleased.

As the group was leaving, the OP grabbed MK and walked her to the front door and out to the curb.

They watched as the group got into their car and pulled out of the parking lot, making it only 20 feet to the stop sign before a police car pulled them over!

The male customer blew a staggering 0.22 BAC, well above the legal limit for driving.

Unbeknownst to the customers, the OP had called in a favor from a friend in law enforcement, a favor she had earned previously. The male customer was handcuffed and placed in the police cruiser. 

The OP couldn’t resist adding a little salt to the wound as she walked up to him and revealed that it was her doing.

She let him know that his arrest was by design and that sometimes you get slapped back for making a young lady cry for no reason!

Furious, he made empty threats as the police drove him away in their cruiser. The OP couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction as she watched him getting taken away.

MK was super grateful for the OP’s actions, and her father was proud of her for standing up for her staff. 

The two female customers who had been with the man were left stranded, with no ride or money, and had to walk home.

And to top it off, it was a holiday weekend, so the male customer remained in custody until Monday – adding further insult to his already humiliating situation!

The OP’s revenge was swift and decisive, and justice was served. Her actions had sent a clear message that mistreating her staff would not be tolerated, and she was willing to go to great lengths to protect them.

She had stood up for her staff and taught a rude customer a lesson.

Redditors loved her story. One user said, “This sparks great joy. As a former server, you did what most managers wouldn’t (stand up for their wait staff when they didn’t do anything wrong). I salute you and give you my best chef’s kiss.”

What do you think of her tale? She certainly got some professional revenge on a nightmare customer!

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