She Tried Helping Her Co-worker, but She Stole Her Work. What Would You Do in That Situation?

Stealing a colleague’s work and trying to pass it off as your own is not fine or acceptable. However, sometimes it seems it is easier to let it happen to avoid arguments in the workplace. 

Work Drama

Life can sometimes be calmer when you let people think they are right. However, this acceptance can lead to later frustration and needing to share the work drama story with the world. 

Alli was an admin assistant for a general construction company and she has a crazy story to share on TikTok @romanticallydesigned about an interaction she had at work.

One of Alli’s tasks each month while working in the admin department was to pile up the sub-contractor’s bills and send them across to the owner.

Most months, this task was seamless and never had any disruptions or issues. However, one month during Alli’s time at the company, there was a big issue.

Every Single Number Was Incorrect

One month Alli received a payment application that was “so wrong” that every single number was incorrect.

Instead of Alli being able to make a few edits to send back to the co-worker that sent it to her, she had to redo the entire pay application to correct it.

Alli created this brand new pay application file to make her co-worker’s life easier. Yet, the new sheet seemed to cause a big problem. 

She decided to send the new sheet across and tell the co-worker that due to the many errors that were made on the old sheet, she made a new one for them to use.

She Was Calm and Patient

All that the co-worker needed to do with this new sheet was transfer it into a PDF document from the Excel document, sign it, and send it back to Alli for processing. 

For some unknown reason, it took Alli’s co-worker three weeks to complete this task, delaying the entire payment process.

Yet, Alli was calm and patient in the hope that she would receive the new file with a signature at the bottom. However, this patience wasn’t worthwhile.

When the co-worker finally decided to send back the document, Alli saw she had made a new sheet consisting of completely new numbers that Alli had “no idea where she got them from”.

The Numbers Still Didn’t Match

None of these numbers matched the old sheet or the new sheet that Alli made, so it made no sense as to what the co-worker was trying to achieve or where she pulled these numbers from.

After the co-worker sent this new and incorrect sheet, she said she was “done” with it so Alli can complete the payment process.

However, this wasn’t possible as the numbers did not match the order and could not be fulfilled or finalized. 

Hence, Alli had to write back to her and send her a list of the edits she needed (instead of trying to make her life easy with a new file of the correct numbers).

She Was Only Trying to Help

She sent the edits and the file as a guide so that the co-worker could finally understand that Alli was trying to help and correct the errors. 

Which, the co-worker still didn’t understand the corrections and couldn’t acknowledge how to make the edits.

Instead, she decided to tell Alli that she thinks the numbers she originally sent matched the new edits Alli made.

It seems the two were not understanding one another and Alli’s corrections were making the co-worker’s life more difficult, instead of easier.

A Frustrating End

This scenario went back and forth a few times with the co-worker saying the numbers match and Alli resending the corrected file. 

The final hurdle was when the co-worker decided to send Alli back the file she had corrected and stated it was the file she originally sent. So, she tried to hide her faults and decide to steal Alli’s work and make it her own.

The co-worker told Alli that she made it herself. Rather than argue with her, Alli said “Perfect, just sign it and send it back”. However, Alli is clearly still frustrated by this situation as she needed to share the story on TikTok. 

What would you do if a co-worker tried stealing your work? Stay calm or cause a scene?

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