She Tried to Stop Them From Drinking and Swimming in a Spring and Sparked A MASSIVE Debate About Personal Responsibilities

A guy posted on Reddit to find out if he, and his family, were idiots for getting drunk and going swimming while on vacation.

Camping With Friends

The OP had been looking forward to his camping trip with seven friends for weeks. They had found a great campground that allowed alcohol and had a natural spring.

They had brought a lot of beer, liquor, and cider to unwind from the workweek. After a few drinks, they decided to go swimming.

However, their cousin’s girlfriend had a bone to pick with them going into the water, claiming that it wasn’t safe to swim while drunk. She didn’t feel comfortable with them swimming while drunk and tried her hardest to stop them. 

Putting a Damper on the Atmosphere

Despite their assurance that they had done it before, she remained insistent. She eventually joined them but stood by the side of the water, yelling at them constantly to get out! It definitely put a damper on the party atmosphere.

The situation escalated when the trip was over, and the group was heading back home. The original poster’s (OP’s) sister snapped at the cousin’s girlfriend, saying that she was never invited to a family trip again. 

The cousin’s girlfriend got upset, citing her fear that something could happen to them, but the OP cut her off, saying that they were all adults and responsible for their own actions and that she couldn’t control what other people do. 

His sister pointed out that driving to and from the campsite on the country’s deadliest highway was the most dangerous thing they did all weekend, but the cousin’s girlfriend remained insistent.

Water Under the Bridge

The cousin’s girlfriend reached out to the OP afterward and tried to make him understand her point of view, but he refused to discuss it anymore and said that it was water under the bridge. 

However, she wouldn’t take no for an answer and said that she had a moral obligation to prevent them from drinking and swimming! 

The OP disagreed and told her he didn’t want to talk about it anymore, but things got heated, and their cousin’s girlfriend called them “white trash,” prompting the OP to block her number.

It was a tough decision for the OP, as he knew his cousin really liked her, but he had to draw a line somewhere.

The Spring Ran Deep

Looking back, the OP acknowledges that they were all a bit drunk, and the natural spring was pretty deep in some spots, but none of them disputed that swimming while drunk was risky.

They had all chosen to do it anyway because they were adults and wanted to have fun.

They stayed away from other groups and had their own space to do their thing, and they were in the water during the early evening and left when the sun went down. 

Don’t Control Me

The OP is the kind of guy who loves to let loose and have fun with his friends and family, and he doesn’t want anyone to try and control him.

He recognizes that everyone has different beliefs and comfort levels, but ultimately, they are all responsible for their own actions. 

While he wishes things had ended differently, he knows that he can’t force someone to see things his way.

He feels that he made the right decision by not letting the cousin’s girlfriend ruin their camping trip, but he wants an outsider’s opinion, hence his posting to Reddit.

Who Was Right?

Reddit users, however, were split on this story. They couldn’t decide who’d acted improperly in this story. Some blamed the OP for indulging in a dangerous activity while drunk, without any floatation devices. 

While others thought that the girlfriend was in the wrong, as they were all adults who could judge the risk themselves, and there’s no blanket ban on swimming while drunk.

Some thought she was being a killjoy, while others thought he was too reckless.

Fatal Mistakes

One user said, “I work in trauma services at a Level II trauma center. I can’t begin to tell you the number of drowning victims whose fatal mistake was drinking before swimming.

In the middle of the day. On a crowded beach. In a beachy tourist area, no less.”

They added, “It’s not something to take lightly. Yes, she could have laid off after she said it the first time, you are adults. But you also need to consider the very real danger present in a situation like that.”

The OP’s experience highlights the importance of communication and setting boundaries when on vacation.

Respect Each Other

While it’s important to respect other people’s beliefs and comfort levels, it’s also crucial to assert one’s own desires and priorities. 

Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to decide what risks they’re willing to take and what activities they want to participate in.

The cousin’s girlfriend had good intentions, but was she out of line to try and dictate what the OP and his friends could or couldn’t do?

They Knew The Risks

They were all adults who knew the risks involved in swimming while drunk, and they made the decision to do it anyway.

It’s a tough situation to judge, but maybe the OP should have cared more about his cousin’s girlfriend’s opinion. She was concerned for their safety, after all!

What do you think about this story? Who do you think is in the wrong here?

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