She Tried to Take Her Revenge on Her Boss, but It Backfired and She Ended Up Owing the Company

Today’s tale stars John – a government worker who has an employee that hates him. She didn’t like how he ran the place, so decided to try and take revenge on him! This is his story.

He Supervises Daily Operations

John works in a small government department in a rural area, where he supervises daily operations and answers to a superior.

Karen, one of his team members, has been a thorn in everyone’s side since he got promoted to his position.

She complains endlessly about everything and everyone, and when John is working, she spends most of the day on the couch watching TV.

Karen cleans for an hour or so on most days, and sometimes she gets into a cleaning mood and works for several hours.

She’s a Volunteer

Karen was working with a volunteer the day before, but she had already left work by the time John arrived at 6.45 am for his 7 am start time.

John’s department has a rather loose uniform standard for volunteers.

Essentially, they only need to wear a T-shirt that identifies them as part of the department, but this requirement becomes much more flexible in emergency situations.

These T-shirts are stored in a closet in the station and get issued to new volunteers.

They Get an Allowance 

Full-time employees have a $500/yr clothing allowance. John replenished these T-shirts too often for the number of people working there.

He doesn’t think anyone is stealing them, but he believes that some volunteers may grab a new shirt if they are called to respond and don’t have a shirt with them.

The end of the fiscal year is approaching, and John still has money in his uniform budget.

He places a large order for T-shirts, which are neatly folded and organized, and he locks the closet door to prevent a hundred shirts from wandering off in a couple of months.

She Was Always Complaining

John left a note on the door saying he had locked it and that if you need access, contact him.

This went on for a couple of weeks, and Karen was extremely vocal about how she believed it was stupid that John had locked the door.

A few other things were stored in the closet, but mostly just junk you needed to dispose of properly, such as old laptops and computer monitors.

John was out of the office for a week due to the department’s schedule. He worked one day covering at the north station and then had the following Friday off.

We Need to Get Rid of This Stuff

On Monday, Karen called John, stating that she needed to get into the closet. John told her that the key was in the safe, which all full-time employees have access to. He didn’t ask for a reason, as he thought it was unnecessary.

Friday came around, and John had a meeting with a county administrator at 7 am. He arrived at work at 6.45 am, only to find a large pile of things that had been in storage with a note that read, “We need to get rid of this stuff.”

Although it was springtime and some spring cleaning was necessary, John was frustrated that Karen had no plan to dispose of the junk she was pulling out of storage, so she left it for someone else to deal with.

Some of it was from the closet, some of it was not even theirs to get rid of, and some of it was stuff they needed. John found the original blueprints to their station buried in the pile of stuff to get rid of.

The County Administrator Was Instantly Angry

The county administrator was instantly angry because Karen had spent all day the previous day complaining about John not being there and no one doing anything. Karen’s pet peeve was garbage cans.

She would complain to the administrator if there was a single piece of garbage in a can when John left. When she left, she would collect the garbage and stuff it all into one can instead of taking it out.

John preferred to take it out and move on with his day, taking the high road because the low road would get flooded eventually.

Instead of having their meeting, they began digging through the pile of stuff because they couldn’t get rid of it on a Friday. The dump was closed. There were no recycling centers for electronics in the area. 

She’d Changed the Locks

So John grabbed some items and started taking them back to the closet. He took his key out and went to open the lock.

But it didn’t work! The lock was different! He couldn’t believe Karen would go to such lengths because she was so annoyed with the locked closet! The levee just breached. The low road was under a flash flood warning. 

The country administrator called her immediately. He told her to come back to work and change the doorknob back. She replied, “No, I have an appointment, and even if I didn’t, I don’t want that door locked, and I quit!”

Taking the doorknob was her revenge on John! But it didn’t end there; the tale had a twist.

The Revenge Backfired

The revenge backfired! The government was paying for education on her behalf, and she now might owe them about $18,000!

And on top of that, she quit, so she won’t be able to collect unemployment. She’s really shot herself in the foot there. Hopefully, she can get a job quickly and get back on her feet.

What do you think about this story? She’d thought she’d got her revenge, but John won in the end!

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