She Uncovered Messages That Were Too Close to Home After Lending Her Friend Money for IVF Treatment, so She Cancelled the Check!

A frustrated woman recently took to Reddit to ask for opinions after she canceled a $12,000 payment to help her friend pay for fertility treatments. This is her full story.

The Tragic Trials of IVF

OP is a 35-year-old woman who struggled with infertility for years. Eventually, her husband left her and married a younger woman who was able to give him children.

That breakup devastated OP, so she turned to her friends for support. One of her closest friends is another young woman who is struggling with infertility in her own marriage.

OP’s friend and her husband have turned to IVF as a last resort, and they’re struggling to pay for the treatments. The friend asked OP if she could help pay for the next IVF cycle.

Even though OP was still heartbroken by her own childlessness, she loved her friend and really wanted to help. So she agreed to pay $12,000 and wrote a check to cover the fee. It was an outright gift, with no strings attached.

Her Friend Revealed Messages That Were a Bit Too Close to Home

The next day, OP got a text message from a mutual friend of hers and the woman undergoing IVF. It was a screenshot of a text conversation between the two other women.

In that conversation, OP’s infertile friend said that she really hoped the next IVF cycle worked because she didn’t want to end up divorced, with a husband that left her for a younger woman. 

OP’s friend even mentioned that she really dreaded the thought of being 35 years old without children, and all alone in the world.

There was no mistaking the fact that the friend was referring to OP, and it was a heartbreaking blow. How could she say those things the day after OP had given her so much money?

So She Pulled the IVF Funding

Hurt and angry, OP called her bank and canceled the check.

That evening, OP’s friend called her and asked why she had pulled the money out from under her.

OP told her she knew about the text conversation, and the friend went bonkers, even saying she thought it was an inside joke between infertile women.

The next day, the friend and her husband came to OP’s place begging for her to give them the money again. She refused, and the three started arguing.

They Continued To Beg and Guilt Trip Her Into Paying

The husband reminded OP that their next IVF cycle was quickly approaching and that they wouldn’t be able to do it without the money. But OP still refused to pony up again.

OP’s friend left in tears, and her husband has been hounding OP ever since. He’s trying to guilt her into paying for the IVF treatment, but OP is standing her ground.

He also said over and over again that the mutual friend who showed OP the text exchange was a toxic snake.

OP has talked to other friends about the situation, and many tell her she’s overreacting. The friend who shared the text conversation does support OP’s position, though, and thinks she was right for pulling the money.

But She Remained Firm in Her Decisions

Now, OP has decided to put some distance between her and the IVF friend, but she’s concerned their 15-year relationships may never recover.

Reddit commenters overwhelmingly support OP and say that her actions were totally justified.

They think the friend with fertility problems was way out of line for talking about OP behind her back with their mutual friend.

Who Needs Friends Like That?

Many openly applaud the second friend for letting OP know what was going on and say that she’s a real keeper as pals go.

Some Redditors tell her that she’s better off without the type of “friend” that the IVF woman turned out to be.

So, what do you think of this story?

Was OP justified for canceling her $12,000 check? Or did she overreact in the heat of the moment?

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