She Was Adopted from a Russian Orphanage and It Turns Out She’s Younger Than She Thought Resulting in an Illegal Marriage

Let’s dive into a tale that feels like it’s straight out of a gripping courtroom drama. OP and his wife stumbled upon a shocking secret that turned their world upside down. Born in far-off Russia and adopted by an American family when she was three years old, OP’s wife decided to look into her past. Armed with a translator and some old papers, they made a discovery that left them stunned: her birth date had been wrong all along. She was actually a year and a half younger than they believed.

She Spent Time in a Russian Orphanage

At first, it might seem like a small detail. But this news changed everything. It turned out that OP’s wife was only 18 months old when she was adopted, not three years old.

Her adoptive parents weren’t too surprised. They knew she had some delays when she was a child, which they thought were because she spent time in an orphanage.

They hoped she would catch up as she got older, and she did. But the shock of this new information was far from over.

OP and his wife fell in love when they were teenagers.

They Got Her Age Wrong

They got married when she was 18, or so they thought. Now, with her real age revealed, they realized that she was only 14 when they started dating and just 17 when they got married.

Even though they are in their late twenties now, this old secret could cause big problems for them.

When OP and his wife decided to leave their religious community and move to a different state, her parents weren’t happy.

In fact, they were so upset that they’re planning to use this new information against OP and his wife.

They Want to Tell the Police About the Illegal Marriage

They want to tell the police about the age difference and challenge the legality of their marriage, saying she was too young to get married without their permission.

OP and his wife are worried about what might happen if her parents follow through with their threats. They’re scared about what the legal consequences might be and how it could affect their lives.

Some legal experts chimed in to offer advice to OP and his wife.

They explained that some marriages can be void or voidable. Void marriages act like they never happened, while voidable ones can be challenged by one of the people in the marriage.

You Have to Be 18 to Wed in Utah

In Utah, where OP and his wife live, you have to be 18 to get married without your parents’ permission.

If you’re younger, you need their consent, or the marriage is void. There’s some hope, though, because their marriage happened before a specific date in 2019.

But there’s still a question mark over whether they would have to get married again.

It Could Result in a Legal Battle

Another expert talked about adoption laws. They said that getting an adopted child’s age right can be tricky, especially when the adoption happens overseas.

Once the age is decided, it affects everything, from school to work to health insurance. Trying to change it now could lead to a big legal battle.

Now, OP and his wife are staring into a legal storm, worried that this surprise could unleash a ton of legal problems. They never saw this coming and are preparing for the fight of their lives.

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