She Was Bullied by a Customer, but Through Hard Work, She Built Her Confidence and Began to Shine

It isn’t acceptable for customers to be rude and threaten staff members. However, it does happen. 

She’s Bullied for Her Efforts

Sometimes, some staff members are new or afraid, so they give in to bullying and do whatever a client or customer requests. 

TikToker Pia @piablossom_x shares her work story in a video where she starts working at Millies Cookies, a shop that sells giant cookie cakes, and has no training.

Although she is bullied for her work efforts, she doesn’t react and instead, gives in. 

When Pia was hired, nobody else worked there. On her first day, she arrived to a note on the till with a few instructions for how to make the giant cookie cakes, cash the money, and run the shop.

And Had Received No Training

Pia even needed to find recipe books to tell her how long to leave the cookies in as she has no training for how to bake cookies, let alone how to run a shop. 

Her first cookie cake was so bad that she shows it in the video with picture evidence as it is clear nobody told her what to do.

Pia admits that from her first cookie batch, she clearly “did not know” what she was doing.

She admits there was a complete lack of skills, which caused her to make such poor products to sell to customers during her first few weeks at the job.

She Was Bullied into Making a Cake

During the shift on her first day, a female customer with an attitude enters the shop and asks for a specific birthday cake.

Pia admits to the customer that she cannot deliver this request as she does not know how to do the icing as she has a lack of experience. 

The woman questions her about how it is her first day and she doesn’t know how to do the job. Out of a lack of control and embarrassment, this woman bullies Pia into making this requested giant cookie cake. 

This order is what to led to Pia making a disastrous cookie cake, which made her cry.

To Keep the Customer Happy

She had to commit to making something that she had no instructions or experience for. Yet, she was obliged to fulfill the order to make the customer happy. 

While Pia was crying about the giant cookie cake order she messed up, a girl from across the shopping center in a chocolate shop comes to the rescue.

After seeing what has happened, the girl rushes over to fix the situation, as she has decorating skills from working in the chocolate shop.

After the girl helps Pia make the cake the customer ordered, the female customer calls the shop to ask for the giant cookie cake to be hand-delivered to her work.

The Customer Was Threatening Her

Considering she knows that Pia is the only person manning the shop, it is an unfair request. 

Pia admits she cannot leave the shop. To Pia’s surprise, the woman starts to threaten her again and admits she will call HR if she does not fulfill her request.

Yet, Pia acknowledges that she doesn’t have a manager, let alone a HR team, but she still fulfills the request. The girl from the chocolate shop sees she is upset and offers to take the cookie to the customer on her behalf. 

To Pia’s astonishment, soon after this horrible experience, she manages to attain great skills and manages to create master cookies to fulfill future customer requests. 

The Woman Actually Complimented Her

After a while, when the cookie shop attained more staff, the business soon picked up and Pia starts to look for another job.

On her final day, the same rude female customer enters the shop requesting another birthday cake. Instead of feeling traumatized, Pia remains calm and comfortable in her surroundings. 

Pia took the order from the woman and was surprised when the woman complimented the cookie on display, which Pia had made. 

After all, it seems this bullying experience paid off and eventually, Pia managed to gain her confidence thanks to the kindness of the girl across from the shop. 

Have you given in to bullying at work? Have you ever wanted to speak up to yourself when a customer is rude?

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