She Was Pregnant and at an All Time Low, Her Husband Was Weak, Her In-Laws Were Vile, so She Called in the Mom Troops to Help

An expectant mother recently asked Reddit for advice after a health scare led to a clash between her mother and her husband’s family. This is her full story.

She Was Hospitalized and Pregnant

The OP was four months pregnant when her health took a downward turn. She passed out and hit her head, which led to a week-long stay in the hospital.

Things only got worse when she came home. Her husband let his brother and sister-in-law move in with their kids after they had been evicted from their own house.

They took two of the three bedroom’s in the OP’s house. One of those was her office, and her husband just dumped her papers on their bedroom floor.

Within days, the house was a complete wreck with dishes, diapers, clothes, and everything else thrown everywhere. The OP was too sick to clean up any of the mess, and she was supposed to be in bed most of the time.

His Family Came to Stay; They Lived in a Pigsty

Her husband wasn’t sympathetic and told her it wasn’t as bad as she made it out to be. She told him that, in that case, he shouldn’t have any trouble cleaning up the place while she got some rest.

After sleeping for a few hours, the OP woke up, and the house was worse than ever. She couldn’t even find a clean glass to get a drink of water. She had no choice but to do the dishes.

Then, when she tried to get some work done the next day, the brother’s kids were out of control while their mother spent all day locked in the bedroom.

When the OP’s husband got home from work, she told him how bad things were, and he turned on her. He said he was really upset that she wasn’t being nicer to his sister-in-law and that she should pitch in to help with the kids.

She Couldn’t Cope with the Commotion and Mess

The OP said she was still sick and couldn’t live with so much commotion and mess. She told him the in-laws had to move out.

He refused. They were family, and he wasn’t going to kick them out.

That was the last straw for the OP, and she called her mother to ask if she could come stay with her for a while. But her mom had other ideas.

A little while later, the OP’s mother and three older brother’s showed up at their doorstep. Her mother barged in and told her son-in-law that if his family could stay there, then so could his wife’s.

So She Called Her Mother to Help

The OP’s mother sent her to bed, and the three boys cleaned the house. They had a few choice words about what pigs the OP’s in-laws were. They weren’t too happy with her husband, either.

It got even crazier from there when the OP’s mother-in-law called her. She was mad that OP’s mother was bossing around her son. And then the mother-in-law showed up, too.

Once she was inside, the mother-in-law’s tune changed. She saw the mess the OP’s brother-in-law and his family had made, and she started bossing him around, too. 

They got the place cleaned up, but the family situation just got worse and worse. The mother-in-law and her husband had given money to the brother-in-law a couple months earlier, and they didn’t know about the eviction.

Familygate Drama

Not too long after the blow-up, the OP asked her husband to move out for a while because she needed some space. The brother-in-law and his family moved in with the mother-in-law.

The OP was left to wonder whether she was right to call in her mother, and whether she and her husband would be able to move on.

She was still pregnant and didn’t want to be a single mother, and he had apologized multiple times. But she was having a hard time moving past the way he chose everyone else over her.

Most Reddit commenters fully support the OP for calling in her mother for help. Most of them think the mom is a rockstar for the way she took control of the situation.

She’s Likely Heading For Divorce

Some Redditors said they don’t usually like to see outside family members get involved in domestic issues. But even they admit the OP’s husband left her little choice in this case.

And a handful of comments warned the OP that she was likely headed for divorce.

So, what do you think of this story? Do you think the OP went too far by bringing in her mother? Or did her husband’s neglect leave her with no choice?

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