She Worked Hard but Her Mom Kept Harassing Her and Got Her Fired, so in Retaliation, She Aired Their Dirty Laundry on Social Media

A young woman recently took to Reddit to tell her story after she asked her family and friends for money when her mom got her fired. This is her full story.

Her Dad Landed Her a Job in a Warehouse

OP is an 18-year-old woman who recently graduated from high school. Her dad helped her land her first job, working in a warehouse.

OP was also planning to apprentice as a parts technician, which would help her build a long-term career.

But OP’s mom was not happy with the situation, because she thought her daughter should have a more “girly” job. And she decided to make it her mission to change things.

From the very beginning, OP’s mom started calling her at work, and she even showed up at the warehouse on several occasions. OP’s boss noticed the interruptions and told her they had to stop.

She Told Her Mom To Stop Interfering With Her Job

OP begged her mom to stop interfering with her job, and the older woman would back off for a little while.

But OP’s mom always started up again, and it just got worse and worse. Finally, OP blew up at her mom and told her point blank to stay away from her workplace.

At that point, OP’s mom took to Facebook to complain about how disrespectful and ungrateful her daughter was. Friends and family members chimed in to support the mom, telling OP that she was mistreating her mom.

The next week, OP’s mom showed up at the warehouse again, but OP refused to go outside to see her. So her mom tried to come in the back door on her own.

Her Mom Got Her Fired!

OP’s boss had finally had enough and fired her on the spot.

Needless to say, OP was ticked off at her mom, so she turned the tables and started posting on Facebook. She looked up all the people who had come down hard on her earlier and told them what happened.

Then OP asked all those same people for money since they all thought what the mom was doing was just fine.

Not surprisingly, no one sent OP any money, but many of them have turned on her mom. They say they didn’t know the specifics of the situation and now think that the older lady was in the wrong.

And Embarrassed Her Daughter Is Asking for Money

Now OP’s mom is upset with her. She wants OP to stop telling people that she caused the girl to lose her job.

OP’s mom is also embarrassed that her daughter is asking everyone for money.

Meanwhile, OP’s dad said he’d help her get another job. She lives with him, and he also told her she doesn’t have to pay for anything except her phone as long as she’s in school or an apprenticeship.

Other than supporting his daughter, though, OP’s dad is staying out of the feud. He says the mother’s behavior is why they got divorced in the first place.

Is She Wrong to Air Their Dirty Laundry on Facebook?

In the end, although OP doesn’t need the money she lost when she got fired, she’s still upset with her mother. And she doesn’t think she was wrong for airing their dirty laundry on Facebook when her mom started the whole thing.

Most Reddit commenters think that OP was well within her rights to tell friends and family what her mother did to her.

They think that the mom was way out of line. Some even say she was stalking OP.

Some Redditors suggest that OP should avoid her mother at all costs, with a few even suggesting she take out a restraining order.

So, what do you think of this story?

Was OP right for turning the tables on her mom and using Facebook to tell her story?

Or did she go too far in asking friends and family for money when she didn’t really need it?

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