She Wrote Erotica and He Tried to Hack Into Her Laptop to Make Her Fantasies Come True

A man recently took to Reddit to ask for opinions after he tried to force his girlfriend to reveal her adult fiction pen name to him. This is his full story.

She Writes Erotica

OP is a 32-year-old man who had been dating his 32-year-old girlfriend for six months.

All during their relationship, OP’s girlfriend has been mysterious about her occupation, mostly just saying she works from home. He finally got her to tell him that she is an author and spends a lot of her time writing.

Recently, one of the girlfriend’s friends let a bit of information slip, and when OP pushed, he found out that his GF writes and self-publishes romance and erotica stories and novels.

Curious to learn more about his girlfriend’s writing career, OP decided to search for her works online but couldn’t find anything under her real name. He asked her why nothing turned up for her if she was really an author.

Under a Pen Name

That’s when OP’s girlfriend told him that she wrote under a pen name. She didn’t want all her friends and family to know that she wrote erotic material.

OP understood the desire for anonymity, but he asked his girlfriend what her pen name is so he could find her work. He still wanted to see what she had been writing.

But OP’s girlfriend repeated that she wanted to keep her pen name a secret, even from him.

She was concerned about maintaining her privacy and the confidentiality of her pseudonym, so she refused to share any further information with OP.

He Tried to Manipulate Her to Find Out

That made OP angry, and the girlfriend’s pen name and writing career have developed into a source of constant tension for the couple.

OP views his girlfriend’s refusal to tell him her pen name as a lack of trust, and he has continued to hound her to reveal more about her writing career. But she continues to insist on anonymity.

OP has tried all sorts of tactics to squeeze the information out of his girlfriend.

One that he was sure would work was to tell her that he wanted to read her work so that he would know what her fantasies are and could help make them come true.

And Satisfy Her Fantasies

But OP’s girlfriend let him know she doesn’t write about her own fantasies, but about those of her readers. And she still refused to tell him her pen name.

The last straw came when OP tried to log in to his girlfriend’s computer when she went to sleep in order to find the pen name. He was sure he knew the password, but he couldn’t get in.

OP then confronted his girlfriend and again accused her of not trusting him since she changed her password. In turn, she was furious with him for trying to hack into her computer and invade her privacy.

At that point, the girlfriend kicked OP out of her place. On his way out, he told her that when she called to apologize, she had better be ready to also give up her pen name.

Was He in the Wrong?

By the time OP shared his story on Reddit, his girlfriend had still not called to apologize. Now he wonders if maybe he did something wrong in this situation.

Redditors came down hard on OP, telling him that he was way out of line for continuing to badger his girlfriend about her writing and pen name. If she wants to keep it all secret, that’s her business, they say.

Many commenters were also horrified that OP tried to break into his girlfriend’s laptop, with several calling him controlling and abusive.

Some even pointed out the irony that OP posts on Reddit under a pen name, yet he’s angry with his girlfriend for not revealing her own pseudonym.

So, what do you think of this story? Does OP have the right to know what his girlfriend’s pen name is?

Or is way out of line and just completely wrong for continuing to demand that she lets him in on her secrets?

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