She’d Been Eyeing a Purse on Pinterest and Her Boss Demanded That She Return It – She’d Followed All the Rules and Refused! What’s Your Clutch on the Story?

A young woman took to Reddit to ask for opinions after she got in trouble at work for buying a purse. Her backstory had commenters scratching their heads. Here are all the details.

In Good Time, They Had Access to ‘The Good Stuff’

OP is a 19-year-old woman who works in a local thrift store. It’s a big place and draws sales and shoppers from many nearby areas.

With so much merchandise coming through, the store takes measures to make sure that customers get the first shot at the “good stuff.” OP understands all the rules and does her part to build a great shopping experience.

Part of OP’s job is to place products on shelves, so she gets the first look at many of the items that the store sells.

OP also relates that each item is tagged with a color – red, blue, yellow, etc. Those items are then promoted and discounted based on the “color of the week.” So red items get special treatment on red weeks, and so on.

She’d Seen the Purse on Pinterest

There are also certain areas of the store where OP and her coworkers are supposed to stock certain items that are especially expensive or desirable.

All of this plays into which items are available for employees to purchase. OP knows that if she sees a “yellow” item that she wants to buy, for example, she’ll have to wait until yellow week is over.

That exact scenario played out recently when a fancy purse showed up in the thrift store and got slapped with a yellow label during yellow week. OP knew it was special because she had seen that model on Pinterest many times.

But, of course, OP followed the rules and stocked the purse just as she was supposed to. She figured it would get snatched up right away.

So She Excitedly Bought It!

It didn’t. The purse was still there at the end of OP’s shift. It was also still there in the middle of the week, and even at the end of the week.

Then, when OP came in for her first shift of the next week – when yellow items were fair game for her – she was stoked to see that no one had bought the purse.

So OP snatched up the purse and took it to the front where a coworker checked her out.

Giddy with her special purchase, OP couldn’t hide her excitement. Noticing her ear-to-ear grin, her coworker asked her what she was so happy about.

Her Boss Wanted To Return the Purse

OP spilled the beans to her coworker since the two always got along well. The other woman smiled back and said she was happy for OP.

Later during OP’s shift, though, her boss called her into his office and told her that she should have notified him that the bag was valuable. He wanted her to return the purse so they could sell it for a much higher price.

OP refused his request and told him she followed the rules of the store. That ended the conversation, but the trouble wasn’t over.

The next day, OP noticed that her coworkers kept making snide remarks to her, and her managers all looked angry with her.

But She’d Followed ALL of the Rules

Now OP wonders if she should have given in to her boss’s demands to keep her workplace happy and stress-free.

Redditors mostly agree with OP’s stance that she did nothing wrong since she followed all the rules.

Several of them warn OP that she might not want to carry the purse to work since at least one coworker seems jealous.

Others wonder if OP will have trouble with her bosses moving forward.

So, what do you think of this story? 

Did OP do anything wrong in buying the bag? Or was she just following the rules of the store?

And do you think she should have told her bosses that the bag was valuable?

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