“Shedding His Human Identity.” – Was His Shocking Transformation Really Worth It?

A Japanese man has broken the internet after releasing a video of him being taken for a walk around Tokyo in his new costume that cost him a whopping $14,000 to make.

Making Headlines

In a world full of unique hobbies, Toru Ueda stands out as quite the head-turner as he recently made headlines around the world.

Ueda’s fascination with becoming a dog, most notably a border collie, has truly shocked the world.

As the spotlight shines on Ueda’s extraordinary passion, he’s keen to clarify his intentions after receiving notable backlash.

His motivation is refreshingly simple: he yearns to experience life through the eyes of a dog.

‘I Want to Be an Animal.’

While some might struggle to grasp Ueda’s unusual dream, he’s unapologetically embracing his doggy dreams as his mission is to live life as a dog and find joy in the experience.

At the heart of Ueda’s online presence lies his YouTube channel, aptly named ‘I want to be an animal.’ 

Here, Ueda shares a series of captivating videos that chronicle his adventures as a rough collie. From crate time to park outings, he doesn’t hold back in bringing his dog persona to life.

Ueda didn’t stop at being just a collie; he further surprised the world by revealing his $14,000 investment in a wolf costume.

“Shedding His Human Identity.”

Ueda shot to fame when he shared a video online of him trotting around Tokyo in the $14k costume, where he received mixed reactions on social media.

The heart of Ueda’s hobby lies in his desire to live life as something completely different, saying it’s a “way of shedding his human identity.”

Ueda’s family stands out for their acceptance, and Ueda shares that his family was initially surprised but eventually embraced his passion with open arms.

Youtube Star

Ueda remains tight-lipped about how he makes his earnings to afford such a lucrative lifestyle change, but we can imagine he now makes a fair amount from his popular YouTube channel and online presence.

Ueda insists he doesn’t care about the backlash, as he knows his new life brings him and other people joy.

He shared, “This is my hobby, so I will carry on. It makes me happy and other people happy, too.”

Should people mind their own business and let Ueda continue doing what makes him happy in peace? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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