“She’s a Terrible Person”: Megyn Kelly Claims Kamala Harris’ Unpopularity Isn’t Due to Racism

In a recent discussion on her Sirius XM show with Charlie Kirk, journalist Megyn Kelly delved into the topic of Harris’ popularity, addressing the claims that her unpopularity may be attributed to racism. Here’s the full story.

Kamala Harris Hated Because of Her Race?

This issue comes after Ashley Allison, a former campaign staffer for Harris, said that many Americans hate Harris because she is a black woman.

“Most people don’t know what vice presidents do. And now she is a history maker. She is a woman, she is a Black woman, and it’s the easy thing to do … to say she’s the attack dog, go after her,” Ashley said in a recent discussion.

Harris Also Not Popular Among Latino and Black Voters

Kelly started the discussion by highlighting the notion that attributing Harris’ unpopularity solely to racism and sexism oversimplifies a complex issue.

She said, “[Rep. James Clyburn] gets asked about Kamala Harris on the Sunday shows, about whether she’s the best choice, and did not stick the landing. She’s not doing better because we’re racist and we’re sexist.”

Kelly referenced an NBC poll indicating that some of the lowest enthusiasm for the Biden/Harris ticket comes from Black and Latino voters.

“They’re the least enthusiastic. So I guess they’re also racist against Kamala Harris,” she added.

“Then how did Obama win?”

Charlie Kirk weighed in on the discussion, saying that Harris’ unpopularity may stem from her political positions and performance as a politician.

“Then how did Obama win?” asked Kirk.

“No, people don’t like Kamala Harris, because she’s a terrible person and she’s an awful politician. She’s not even good at it,” he said.

“The cackling thing, she has not been able to get that out of her standard operating procedure. She says the goofiest, weirdest stuff…She just kind of just got appointed because of – she’s an affirmative action pick, let’s just call it exactly what it is,” she added.

“Stupidity is strong in Kamala.”

Several social media users shared their thoughts.

One user wrote, “Stupidity is strong in Kamala.”

Another user added, “Why do these people take on the assumption that, “They don’t like me because they’re racists” Let’s just reach for the racist card and throw that around!! It couldn’t possibly be that you’re bad at your job!!”

A third user commented, “Harris is an embarrassment to the American people and the United States of America. Some have not yet realized this but they eventually will.”

A fourth user wrote, “There is nothing redeeming about Harris or Joe Biden. They have to be the worst President and VP to EVER hold office at the same time. Maybe next time people will think before they vote.”

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