She’s an ‘Influencer’ – Her Savage Car Critiques Ignite a Firestorm of Backlash: Is It All About Her?

An influential figure on TikTok recently found herself at the center of a social media storm after uploading a video where she unabashedly passed judgment on men based on the cars they drive.

Tiktokers Gave Her Backlash

The TikToker in question, SJ – sj.larevitzear, boasts an impressive following of 86,000 users on the platform.

However, her recent content drew significant backlash and earned her the label of a “red flag” due to her critical stance on men and their preferred modes of transportation.

In a video that quickly went viral, amassing nearly 600,000 views, SJ made her stance abundantly clear by stating, “If a guy picks me up in certain cars on dates, I’m just not going.”

This statement alone set the stage for a series of scathing remarks targeting specific vehicles and the individuals who choose to drive them.

“You Need to Reevaluate Yourself”

The first car on SJ’s list of undesirable rides was none other than the Toyota Prius. With conviction, she asserted, “I know the type of person you are. If y’all drive these cars, you need to reevaluate yourself.” 

Her judgmental tone and outright dismissal of the vehicle sent shockwaves through the online community.

SJ didn’t stop there. She went on to criticize the Honda Ridgeline, boldly stating that the only person who should be behind the wheel of that particular vehicle is her 90-year-old grandpa.

By relegating the car to such a limited demographic, she managed to ruffle even more feathers and drew the ire of countless viewers.

Narrow-Minded “Why Did You Get That?”

Lastly, SJ took aim at the Jeep Gladiator, openly expressing her amusement at the sight of such trucks. Confused and somewhat incredulous, she asked, “Like, why did you get that?”

As expected, the comment section beneath the video quickly became a battleground. Thousands of TikTok users flooded in, criticizing SJ for her narrow-minded opinions and shaming her for making sweeping generalizations. 

Some resorted to personal attacks, insinuating that SJ’s desire for luxury vehicles like a Benz or Beemer was incongruent with her own “smart car attitude.”

It’s All About Me!

Others sarcastically speculated about SJ’s self-centeredness, suggesting that if asked what she brings to a relationship, she would simply reply, “me.”

One user couldn’t help but remark, “Next time someone asks me what a red flag is, I’m going to show this video.”

Many others echoed the sentiment, who found SJ’s video to be a prime example of the type of behavior one should avoid when getting to know someone.

“People Just Calling Me Ugly”

Amidst the sea of criticism, there were a few individuals who found SJ’s video amusing.

In a positive twist, they commended her comedic timing and ability to elicit laughter. “I laughed so hard when you said, ‘this pic makes me laugh,'” one user admitted. 

Another user appreciated SJ’s humor, writing, “Everyone’s being mean, but you’re honestly funny.”

Interestingly, SJ seemed unfazed by the backlash she received. In the comment section, she expressed a lighthearted perspective, stating, “I like to come and see what kind of funny insults people come up with, mostly people just calling me ugly. Kinda boring lol.” 

Added Fuel to the Fire

Her nonchalant attitude only added fuel to the fire, as users continued to engage in passionate debates over her controversial video.

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