She’s Finally Had Enough of Her Job and Isn’t Taking Nonsense From Anyone Anymore

Working in hospitality isn’t for everyone, and it’s easy to understand why some people love it and some don’t. Take, for example, this story from a woman working at a restaurant. She used to enjoy dealing with customers but has had her enthusiasm ground down by corporate busybodies. Now add to that mix a self-entitled customer who got annoyed over the smallest issue, and you have an excellent story! Read on to find out more.

She Used to Love Her Job

The OP (original poster) took to Reddit to vent and for good reason. She used to love her job, but then corporate stepped in and ruined everything.

They fired her GM and the best supervisor, replaced them with an interim GM who hired her kids and started taking shifts away from long-time employees to give to her family.

The interim GM can’t build a schedule to save her life, and she hides in the office all day, refusing to communicate with her staff. It’s chaos, and the OP doesn’t care about the place anymore.

She’s just biding her time until she can find another job.

Busy, Busy Lunch

On this particular day, the OP is working a lunch rush, and she’s got two full sections and some guests at the wood. One of the tables is a man and a woman who seem pretty nondescript, except for the man being somewhat uppity.

The OP does her standard three quality checks with her tables, giving them ample time to alert her to any issues that need fixing.

Her spiel is as automatic as it gets: “How is everyone enjoying their meal?” “How’s everyone’s lunch?” “So far, so good?”

She follows up with a scan of the guests’ faces if she doesn’t get a reply due to full mouths, so they can nod or shake their heads accordingly.

What the Heck

She does her standard three checks with these folks and offers dessert, coffee, tea once their meal is winding down, which they decline.

She’s processing their payment and thanking them when the man says, “I have a tip for you – men matter too.”

The OP is blankly staring at him because what the heck? He takes that as his cue to launch into a rant about how she only asked his companion how her food was, and women always do this.

Every time he’s at a restaurant, women only talk to the women at the table.

You Only Looked at Her

Normally, the OP would just customer service apologize and move on, but she doesn’t care about this job anymore, so she engages in an argument with him.

She says, “I asked three times how everyone’s lunch was. Are you not a part of everyone at the table?”

He responds, “Well, you only looked at her.”

The woman chimes in with, “Probably because I’m the only one who answered her?”

Respond to My Question

The OP retorts, “I looked at you; you just didn’t bother looking at me or responding to my question.”

The man says, “It’s good customer service to address everyone at the table.”

The OP replies, “.. Which I did.”

He insists, “I would have liked to been asked how my meal was.”

Snaps Back

The OP snaps back, “I would have liked an answer when I asked.”

The woman rolls her eyes and says, “How was your meal, Dad?”

He answers, “A little dry.”

The OP says, “Well if you had bothered to give me that input when I asked, I could have done something to fix it. But since you didn’t, I guess you really showed me by eating some dry chicken? Have a great day.”

Would Never Argue

Normally, the OP wouldn’t argue with a guest, even if she knew they were wrong. It’s part of the job to make them happy and ensure they leave with pleasant feelings about the restaurant and their experience.

But now, she truly doesn’t give a hoot! She’s just counting down the minutes until she can leave.

The OP has an interview tomorrow and hopes to get out of this place. She’s had enough of this job and this kind of treatment.

She used to care about making people happy and ensuring they had a good experience, but now she just wants to get out of there.

Entitled Men

The OP is tired of men thinking they’re entitled to special treatment just because they’re men. She’s tired of being treated like a servant and talked down to.

She’s tired of customers thinking they can get away with being rude or entitled just because they’re paying for a service.

She’s reached her breaking point with this job. The man’s comment was the final straw; she had had enough. The OP is a strong, independent woman who won’t put up with anyone’s rubbish.

She Not Looking Back

 She’s ready to move on to bigger and better things, and she’s not looking back.

Redditors loved her story. One user said, “Good for you! You handled that so freaking well. I wish those were the words that would come to my brain when people say this stuff to me.”

What do you think of her story? What do you think about her attitude?

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