She’s Seven Months Pregnant and Has Just Found Out That Her Husband Is a Serial Cheater and Calls HER Selfish!

This dramatic tale of relationship trouble comes to us from a woman who has just found out her husband is cheating on her. The worst part? She’s seven months pregnant! This is her story.

Should She Get a Divorce?

The OP, a 29-year-old pregnant woman, is in a dilemma about whether to get a divorce or not.

She can’t believe what her husband, whom we’ll call H, has told her. He’s cheated on her not once, but twice, within the span of just over a month!

The OP is devastated, hurt, and lost. She’s considering divorce, but H argues that she is selfish for even thinking about it, as their unborn child needs both parents to grow up.

The OP disagrees; she knows it’s not that simple. She’s living in a toxic environment filled with stress, depression, and unhappiness, and being unhappy would make it impossible for her to nurture the baby lovingly.

‘You Are Selfish”

Heck, she can’t even produce milk due to her emotional state. H believes that he can do everything for the child and make sure the baby only experiences a positive and good environment growing up.

His exact words to her were, “The difference between us is that I would do anything for our baby. But you won’t. You prioritize yourself first, and that’s selfish.”

He’s calling the OP selfish for prioritizing her well-being over having both parents around for the baby!

She and H used to have an open relationship, where they would fantasize about each other engaging in sexual acts with other people. It was H’s kink, not hers, but she went along with it.

She even had some physical interaction with a colleague with H’s permission, but she never continued because it didn’t feel right to her. H, on the other hand, seemed to have taken things to a whole new level.

She’s Insecure, Vulnerable and Pregnant

The OP remembers the first time H got caught cheating. She found out that he and the other woman, whom we’ll call O, had been physically involved for three weeks, engaging in touching, groping, and even small kisses multiple times. 

They had fought, and H had defended himself, claiming he cheated because he was in denial. The OP had been open to the idea of H engaging in sexual acts with others before, but things had changed since she got pregnant.

She had become more insecure, vulnerable, and in need of H’s attention and care. She had asked him to stop his advances toward O until she was emotionally stable, and he had agreed.

But she later found out that he had continued to be physical with O, despite his promise to stop.

“I Enjoy Spending Time With You”

The OP felt deeply betrayed and hurt when she read the messages between H and O. They were emotionally attached to each other, expressing affectionate messages like “I enjoy spending time with you,”

“You look cute in black,” “Your hug made my day,” “I need your support,” “I make excuses to see you,” and asking for pictures. 

H denied having romantic feelings for O, insisting that they were just close friends. He had hidden their interactions from the OP because he didn’t want to be restricted.

The OP had demanded that H cut O out of his life completely after she caught him the first time, but he had a meltdown, claiming that he wanted to support O in some things he had promised her. 

Still in Love With Her Husband

Despite everything, the OP, still in love with H, had agreed to let him continue being friends with O but had asked him to stop being flirty and physical.

She had also requested that he cut O out of his life completely after he fulfilled his promises.

But just one week later, the OP caught H being physical with O again. This time, she gave him an ultimatum – cut O out of his life within a week, or they were getting divorced.

H had pleaded with her to give him more time, but the OP refused to compromise, and he eventually agreed.

Different Views on Commitment

The OP is worried about the uncertainty of the situation and the possibility that her husband might not cut off O. Her husband has claimed that he would stop the physical interaction, but he could not stop being her friend. 

The OP feels O is so important to her husband that he risked their marriage for her!

The couple had different views on commitment, with the OP wanting them to spend more time together and focus on each other after they decided to have a baby.

The OP is lost and confused, not knowing what to do next. H’s cheating has left her feeling hurt, angry, regretful, and even suicidal at times.

He Makes Her Feel Guilty for Wanting a Divorce

She hates that he tries to play the victim and makes her feel guilty for wanting a divorce. She feels torn between her love for him and her desire to do what is best for her and her baby.

She cannot continue to live in a toxic environment and wants to provide a positive and loving environment for her child.

The OP’s story is heartbreaking, and it highlights the pain that infidelity can cause in a marriage. She is struggling to make a decision that will affect her and her child’s future, and she feels alone and lost.

Her husband’s actions have shattered her trust and made her question her own self-worth. It is a situation that no one should have to go through, and the OP’s strength in facing it is admirable.

What do you think about her story? What can she do?

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