Shocking Betrayal: Friends Turn a Child’s Bedroom Into Their Private Love Nest!

Alex has found themselves in a dilemma as they allowed their friends, who were going through a tough time, to stay in her 9-year-old son’s bedroom until they got back on their feet. Alex got very concerned when she heard noises of intimacy from the bedroom and asked them to stop. They keep breaking the rules, and Alex wonders whether they’ll have to kick the couple out onto the streets.

Intimate Noises From Her Child’s Room

One parent, Alex, has a 9-year-old child whose bedroom was rearranged to accommodate a friend and their partner who are going through a tough time.

Alex has overheard noises of intimacy from the child’s bedroom, making Alex uncomfortable. Alex believes that even though the child isn’t there, it’s still their room and should be treated respectfully.

The friend and their partner may argue that they are adults, which shouldn’t matter since the child isn’t there.

But Alex asserts that it’s their house, their child’s room, and it’s natural to feel uncomfortable with such activities taking place in that space.

Conserving Water?

Desperate for guidance, Alex reaches out to the Reddit community to see if they are in the wrong.

Alex clarifies that the activities are not happening on the child’s bed, or else immediate action would have been taken.

Alex then argues that since the couple showered together in their large shower to “conserve water,” why can’t they do their business in there?

They wonder why the couple can’t engage in such activities outside the child’s room. Having lived alone for a long time, Alex admits to being unfamiliar with the situation and seeks reassurance from others.

If She Is Uncomfortable, They Should Be Asked To Leave

They also assure everyone that their child’s well-being is their top priority. If anything makes the child uncomfortable, the friend and their partner will be asked to leave immediately.

Alex wants to clarify that they prioritize their child’s safety and comfort above all else; the problem is that if Alex kicks out the couple, they would likely be homeless and living on the streets.

Reddit users were both supporting and concerned, “Anyone who would do this isn’t even welcome in my circle of friends. Be respectful of other people’s homes or stay out.”

Another user argues they shouldn’t have let them in the bedroom in the first place, “letting them sleep in the bedroom to begin with is gross. They can sleep on the living room floor or in the garage.”

“My House, My Rules either Listen and Respect”

Alex reveals that after getting feedback from Reddit users, they have decided what to say.

“My house, my rules either listen and respect or you can sleep in the car with no heater, no washing machine, no dryer, no way to cook or store food, no safety, and I can get on with getting back to trying to fix my own stuff instead of helping you out.”

Do you think Alex has handled this the right way? Let us know if you’d do things differently in the comments.

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