Shocking NHS Decision – Male-Born Transgender Women Allowed in Female Wards – Safety Concerns Ignited!

NHS has come under intense scrutiny after finding guidance that allows trans people, regardless of their surgery status, to use female-only wards. Here’s the whole story.

Transgender Women, Born Male, Could Be Placed on Female-Only Wards

NHS England’s 2019 guidance on “Delivering same-sex accommodation” clarified that transgender women, born male, could be placed on female-only wards based on their presentation and self-identified gender.

Hospitals nationwide have implemented these policies, allowing individuals who occasionally identify as women to share female-only wards.

NHS trusts even specify that temporary gender presentation is sufficient for access, and some policies shift the responsibility onto other patients if any objections arise.

Critics argued that they contradict established rules preventing cross-gender placements in close proximity.

The “Woke” Gender Ideology Is Infiltrating the NHS

In response to these concerns, Freedom of Information requests were sent to all NHS hospital trusts in England, with 65 confirming that transgender patients could use facilities aligned with their gender identity.

The investigation by Daily Mail into the extent of “woke” gender ideology infiltrating the NHS has brought to light more incidents.

One example is when midwives were told they could harm trans people who have given birth by calling them “mothers”.

Staff members have also received lengthy lists of terms related to gender identity like “abrosexual” to “third-gendered”, some of which were crafted by advocacy groups like Stonewall.

Neglecting Women’s Rights, and Failing To Accommodate Gender-Critical Perspectives

These policies have been accused of misrepresenting equality laws, neglecting women’s rights, and failing to accommodate gender-critical perspectives.

Maya Forstater, a prominent advocate and executive director of Sex Matters, voiced concerns about the risks these policies pose to transgender patients’ health and the broader implications for all patients receiving medical care.

She highlighted the need for clear guidance that respects transgender rights and patient safety, criticizing the influence of ideologically motivated staff in policy formulation.

Former Cabinet minister Ranil Jayawardena argued that implementing policies that place biological males in female wards contradicts the fundamental concept of single-sex accommodations.

“This Is a Disgusting, Vulnerable Woman, Many Drugged up on Painkillers, Exposed To Predatory Males When They Are Sick and Unable To Defend Themselves”

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “My understanding is: unless someone has a legal gender certification stating a new gender, they are still the gender they were born in.”

Another User wrote, “This is a disgusting, vulnerable woman, many drugged up on painkillers, exposed to predatory males when they are sick and unable to defend themselves.”

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