Shocking Reason He Canceled Their Date Revealed – She Knew Her Worth and His Behavior Proved His

One woman on TikTok was stunned to find out the shocking reason why her date canceled on her. After sharing some private photos with her potential partner, he replied, saying that her “loose belly skin” was the reason he didn’t want to pursue the date.

Stood Up, Last Minute

The baffling and shocking reason behind the last-minute date cancellation will leave you speechless.

In a seemingly innocent exchange of pictures, Sarah shows her potential match some recent pictures including one in a bikini.

In the viral TikTok video, we take a look at the text conversation where her date pointed out her loose belly skin as the reason for canceling.

“Yeah, the loose skin from the pregnancy is the only thing. I appreciate you being so understanding, that’s rare I promise lol,” he said in a text.

Sarah’s response to the hurtful comment shows her grace.

“Do Men Not Even Like Women?”

“No problem. I guess have a good one lol. Nice meeting you,” she replied in a tearful exchange.

The online community had a strong reaction to her video, with millions of views and waves of support in the comments.

One user questioned how shallow men can be.

“As a lesbian, I legitimately can’t imagine not being attracted to a woman just because of loose skin or stretch marks… do men even like women?” She asks in a rant.

Sarah’s sarcastic reply spoke volumes: “Short answer: No. Long answer: Also, no.”

“PS. I Know My Worth.”

A comment suggests the man’s “that’s rare, I promise,” indicates a disturbing pattern.

Sarah reveals the date’s Tinder profile, which in his bio ironically claims he’s a “go with the flow type person.”

She emphasizes her value, stating, “I can have a flat stomach one day if I want, but nothing is ever gonna fix your shallow personality.”

She reinforces her self-worth by sharing more beach pictures captioned, “PS. I know my worth.”

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