Shocking Reveal! Divorce Lawyer Exposes 5 Professions with Highest Narcissistic Tendencies – Ladies Beware!

This divorce lawyer lists these five professions with traits linked to higher divorce rates due to their tendencies toward narcissism and control in relationships.

Half of All US Marriages End in Divorce

Approximately half of all marriages in the United States conclude with either divorce or separation. This trend, seemingly on the rise, is not necessarily negative.

Dissolving a marriage is a significant decision, and individuals may embark on this path out of genuine necessity, as they often have to make substantial sacrifices in the process.

As per a TikToker’s observations, individuals in five specific professions tend to exhibit more narcissistic and controlling traits.

While having a supportive partner during divorce proceedings can be beneficial, certain occupations present such challenges that one TikTok user, a local divorce lawyer under the handle @jettiegirl28, has even recommended avoiding individuals from these career paths.

Avoid Men in These Five Professions

@jettiegirl28, who frequently imparts legal advice and legal-related insights on her TikTok account, recently shared her perspective in a video titled “Top 5 Professions Women Should Avoid in a Spouse.”

In the video, she directly addresses the camera, listing professions that she found particularly problematic during divorce cases.

She begins the video by noting, “Many [difficult cases] involve men in these five professions,” and goes on to elaborate, “Over my career, I’ve witnessed my most challenging cases, and, surprisingly, many of them involve men in these five professions.”

She continues, “I’ve observed a tendency towards narcissism and control among these five professions. Dealing with divorce is notably tougher with individuals from these fields. They often approach litigation with an ‘all-or-nothing,’ confrontational stance.”

… Because They’re Gods in Their Profession

According to @JettieGirl28, this pattern has persisted throughout her 13 years as a lawyer.

So, what are these professions that she advises people to be cautious about? Let’s explore them:

@JettieGirl28 acknowledges that this inclusion might be puzzling but emphasizes its relevance. “I’ve never really understood this one, but it’s on there.”

She highlights how these professionals command authority and respect, given their role. “The men in these professions, they’re gods in their profession”.

“As a Flight Attendant, I’ve Never Seen a Pilot Wear His Wedding Ring on a Layover.”

These individuals hold significant power within hospitals and are treated with deference. “If you’re a surgeon, you’re walking around the hospital, everybody looks up to you, you’re in charge, everybody treats you with respect.”

The lawyer explains how transitioning from an authoritative role at work to everyday domestic responsibilities can be challenging.

Their control over the lives of many passengers, combined with their authority and responsibility, is noted.

One commenter wrote, “As a flight attendant, I’ve never seen a pilot wear his wedding ring on a layover.”

“The 5 Ps: Police, Paramedics, Physicians, Pilots, and Firefighters.”

Unsurprisingly, this assertion has sparked lively debates. Many users agreed with her assessment. One commenter simply wrote “uniforms” alongside a red flag emoji.

Another user, Alison Belonzi, offered her own acronym, “The 5 Ps: police, paramedics, physicians, pilots, and firefighters.”

Alternate suggestions were also proposed. Some users recommended seeking construction workers as partners, citing their practicality and hobbies like building.

There was also an endorsement for engineers being charming partners, a sentiment confirmed by @JettieGirl28.

Should Include Pastors and Professional Athletes as Well

Some commenters believed the lawyer might have overlooked significant professions in her cautionary list. Suggestions were made to include pastors and professional athletes as well.

@JettieGirl28 also provided advice for men regarding potential partners to avoid.

She mentioned that men should be cautious when considering stay-at-home moms, presumably due to potential complications during divorce proceedings.

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