Shockwaves in San Francisco: Bakery’s ‘No Cops’ Policy Sparks Outrage and Forces Temporary Shutdown!

The San Francisco Police Officer Association (SPOA) has responded to a local bakery’s recent refusal to serve one of its officers. 

Denies Service to Those “Armed and in a Uniform”

The bakery enforces a policy denying service to individuals “armed and in a uniform.” SPOA President Lt. Tracy McCray criticized the policy, stating that it is clearly targeted at police officers and calls for transparency in communication.

Last week, Reem’s California, an Arab bakery and restaurant, declined service to an on-duty officer who had just completed a 16-hour shift and was working overtime at an event.

An employee informed the officer that the bakery does not serve customers who are “armed and in uniform,” as reported by SPOA.

In response, McCray reached out to the bakery via email to inquire about the policy.

Officers Are Welcome To Visit When Off-Duty and Unarmed.

A spokesperson for Reem’s responded, confirming the establishment’s policy of not serving individuals in uniform who are armed.

The spokesperson suggested that officers are welcome to visit when off-duty and unarmed.

McCray also requested that Reem display a sign regarding this policy to inform officers. However, the bakery did not provide any response to this request.

In a subsequent statement shared on Instagram, Reem emphasized its commitment to promoting social and racial justice.

Concerns About Gun Violence and the Safety of Staff and Customers

The statement justified the policy by citing concerns about gun violence and the safety of staff and customers.

It argued that maintaining a strict no-gun policy contributes to a safer environment, particularly given the impact of gun violence on marginalized communities.

McCray criticized Reem’s statement as insincere, given the brevity of the email response that essentially confirmed a “no cops allowed” policy. She questioned the practicality of enforcing such a policy and whether it relies on an honor system.

Reem’s is not the first business in San Francisco to refuse service to police officers.

A “Safe Space”

Other establishments, such as the restaurant Hilda and Jesse, have also turned away officers, citing their business as a “safe space.” Additionally, a pizza shop dismissed an employee for denying service to several officers.

The San Francisco Police Department acknowledged that businesses have the right to determine their clientele within legal boundaries.

The department reiterated its commitment to ensuring the safety of all residents, businesses, and visitors, regardless of their identity.

Reem’s has not responded to requests for comment as of the publication date. The bakery is temporarily closed until September 5th.

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