Shonduras Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Income (Updated)

Shaun Todd McBride, a.k.a. Shonduras online, is a social media influencer. He was born on July 7, 1987 and hails from Clearfield, Utah. With a large following on Vine, Snapchat, and YouTube, he is a popular American social media personality. 

Online, he is referred to as Shonduras, which combines the names “Shaun” and “Honduras”. Shaun mainly posts family and personal vlogs.

Full NameShaun Todd McBride, a.k.a. Shonduras online
Date of BirthJuly 7, 1987
Age35 (as of 2022)
ProfessionSocial media influencer
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseJenny McBride
Shonduras Net Worth$17 million (Last updated 2022)

Shonduras Net Worth

Shonduras has an estimated net worth of $17 million

Shonduras sources of income

Since its launch, Shonduras youtube channel has accrued more than 4 billion views and over 3.8 million subscribers. Videos are uploaded around once a day and collectively they receive around 2.6 million views daily. 

Advertisements that run on the videos, will generate about $7.3 million per year ($20,000 per day). Shonduras earns additional income by selling clothing. 

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As an extra source of income, he also does sponsorship deals with several companies. Among the companies he has worked with are Swedish Fish, Subaru, Dolby, Samsung, Best Friends, among others. 

Additionally, he is a member of the gaming team Space Station Games, founded by him along with Tanner Fox and his other friends.


A Snapchat account was set up by Shonduras with the intention of sharing family adventures back in 2014. On Snapchat, he began drawing and only shared his drawings with his close family and friends. 

When he doodled a picture of an elderly woman with rainbow hair into a My Little Pony character, he was instantly popular. He sent this snap to his sisters, who shared it with their classmates. They added him so they could view his Snapchat art, which is how his audience grew at first. 

His Snapchat audience was so large that it became his job to advertise on the app. Shonduras became one of Snapchat’s earliest users to gain popularity. 

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He purchased a Canon 70D camera in 2015 to start vlogging. Over 2 million people subscribe to the Shonduras YouTube channel.

Personal life

Shonduras and his wife Jenny McBride have three children; Adley May McBride, their eldest, who has a YouTube channel named “A for Adley”; Niko Bear McBride, their second; and Navey May McBride, their third child.