Shotgun Wielding Father Returns: Now Dying, He Expects His Daughter’s Compassion and Cash

This heartbreaking story is told by Jake, the cousin of Gordon and Harriet, who is seeking advice after his cousin’s abusive father reached out for financial support 15 years after his disappearance. 

An Abusive Father

Gordon and Harriet’s dad was abusive to their mother before leaving them without a trace over a decade ago.

Gordon’s long-lost dad, Martin, shockingly reached out after 15 years of silence.

After an absence of 15 years, Martin suddenly reached out, seeking financial help for his deteriorating health.

During the Facetime call, Gordon witnesses Martin’s visible weakness, tugging at his heartstrings.

Life or Death Choice

After the call, the family begged Harriet to use her wealth to help the dying father, but she found it too difficult.

Gordon’s sister, Harriet, faced a difficult decision, torn between compassion for her father’s suffering and the memories of his past abuse towards their mum.

Bella, their mum, refused to interfere, leaving the choice to her children, not wanting to reconnect with her ex-husband.

Harriet tearfully explained how she witnessed years of abuse her mum endured, making it challenging to extend help.

Mounting Family Pressure

Jake, our narrator, reveals how Martin pointed a shotgun at Bella right in front of both of their children, influencing Harriet’s decision not to help.

The entire family pressured Harriet to assist her dad, using the argument that they wouldn’t exist without him.

Harriet believes her dad’s current condition is a result of his past actions, making her hesitant to lend a helping hand.

Frustrated by the family’s harsh judgment, Gordon stands up for his sister and defends her reasons.

Childhood Trauma

Gordon pleads with the family to understand the trauma Harriet experienced during their childhood.

Tensions rise as the family divides into opposing sides, with some demanding she helps and others empathizing with Harriet.

Gordon and Harriet stand united, knowing they made the right decision based on their experiences.

Now, Jake is asking Reddit if he did the right thing, taking Harriet’s side during the family feud.

“A Sperm Donor, Not a Father”

“Your cousin has every reason to leave that man in the past. He’s a sperm donor, not a father. She owes him nothing.” One user argued, urging them to move on from this.

One user says they should pay for it themselves rather than taking advantage of Harriet, “Good for you for sticking up for your cousin. The family can spend their own money on him if it’s so important to them.”

Do you think Jake, Harriet, and Gordon made the right decision? Let us know in the comments.

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