Should Ukraine Join NATO? See What Biden Had to Say

Here are the latest insights into President Biden’s stance on Ukraine’s NATO aspirations and the ongoing conflict.

The War Must End

US President Joe Biden delivered a crucial message on Ukraine’s NATO membership and Russia’s ongoing war. Despite not being NATO countries, Ukraine and Georgia were invited to the latest G-7 summit in Lithuania.

In 2008, NATO made the promise that Ukraine would be a NATO country, although a specific date was never given. Biden asserted that Ukraine must first overcome the conflict with Russia before NATO membership can be entertained.

Zelenskyy Asks for More

In a passionate speech in Lithuania, Biden pledged unwavering support for Ukraine’s quest for liberty and freedom.  Biden announced that the US and its allies “stand for liberty and freedom today, tomorrow, and for as long as it takes,” but a grateful Zelenskyy is asking for more.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is also fighting for a clear timeline for his nation’s potential entry into NATO, but the question still remains, “When will he get one?”

While a timeline was never given to Zelenskyy, he still secured commitments from G-7 nations for ongoing security assistance.

Global Consequences

Joining NATO adds huge benefits to a country’s defense, but some argue a conflict between Russia and a NATO country will result in catastrophic circumstances on a global scale.

Biden compared the aid to Ukraine to the regular support that the US provides to Israel, which Zelenskyy seemed very happy to accept. Biden highlighted that Zelenskyy appreciated the commitments, even though immediate NATO membership wasn’t secured.

Russia’s refusal to leave Ukraine peacefully still leaves everyone anxious about how the war will reach a conclusion.

Has NATO Been Weakened?

“When Putin and his craven lust for land and power unleashed his brutal war on Ukraine, he was betting NATO would break apart,” Biden argued in his speech.

Biden passionately argued that Putin’s war united and revitalized the NATO alliance despite his attempts at disruption. Since Russia’s attempted invasion of Ukraine, NATO has welcomed new members like Finland and Sweden to strengthen the alliance.

Unwavering Support Questioned

While most Americans support Ukraine, some Republicans question the extent of financial support provided to the country. Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis advocate for reduced US involvement, sparking debates within the GOP.

Biden asserted that international support for Ukraine would “not waver” and that he is undeterred by opposing voices.

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