Shunning Wealth and the Limelight: Blue-collar “Rich Men North of Richmond” Singer Slams Internet as “Parasite” despite His Viral Fame

A country singer soared to viral fame after releasing his conservative song “Rich Men North of Richmond” on YouTube and Facebook, receiving massive praise from some and backlash from others. Now, he’s admitted to rejecting record deals worth $8 million.

Turing Down Lucrative Record Deals

Country music artist Oliver Anthony revealed that he turned down lucrative offers from record labels, all thanks to his viral song “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

In just under ten days, Anthony’s YouTube video showcasing the song has skyrocketed to nearly 20 million views, gaining widespread attention on social media sites such as Twitter. 

Critics have not shied away from labeling the song’s lyrics as “offensive” and “fatphobic.”

Anthony took to Facebook to share his reaction to suddenly topping music charts and refusing multimillion-dollar offers. 

“I Don’t Want to Be in the Spotlight.”

He expressed how he disagrees with fame and fortune, proclaiming, “I don’t want to play stadium shows, I don’t want to be in the spotlight.”

Anthony shared that his songs are a reflection of his battles with mental health and depression, which is probably why they instantly connected with millions of fans.

Anthony shared that his style, just him and his guitar, is a return to country music’s roots that should never have been abandoned.

The lyrics of “Rich Men North of Richmond” have been praised and critiqued, with some who viewed the song as an anthem for the working class, while others called it fatphobic.

Really Blue-Collar?

Critics also argued that it promotes right-wing ideology, saying that the song attacks people with low incomes.

Responding to skepticism about his working-class background, Anthony shared his life story, revealing his years of work in industrial manufacturing, interactions with blue-collar workers, and details about his living situation.

Anthony described living in a camper that he bought for $750 and revealed that he paid $97,500 for his property, which he still owes about $60,000. 

“Dead Centre” Politics

Anthony admitted that there’s nothing extraordinary about him and expressed sadness over the world’s current state of conflict, blaming the internet for a lot of the troubles.

Anthony questioned when society would return to fighting for what’s right and called out the divisive impact of the internet, describing it as a “parasite” that affects human minds.

Anthony clarified his political stance, describing himself as being “pretty dead centre down the aisle on politics, and always have.” 

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